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  1. hey! do you wan't us for test something? what qualifies one and what disqualifies one? am i disqualified for ever or is it decided on each reload randomly? i suggest to qualify everyone, NOW. for all users: please add your status here, following this schema: qualified/disqualified,operating system,browser,country for myself it is: disqualified,linux,seamonkey,germany tx Oh
  2. fine, now i can count down the days! can you estimate when the mesh source changeset will make it into snowstorm?
  3. "The plan is to blog again in two weeks, when we’ll announce when the open beta will be available..." competitors in the closed mesh test make an advantage while the rest stays dumb. when do you go and tell us "we open the mesh testing for all NOW"? today it's 2 weeks later and i regularly check to don't miss your long awaited announcement. so, lets make progress.
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