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  1. hello every one i have a RL project that can bring good amount of money by providing services for travelers who want to visit jordan in middle east, i have everything i need to do the project but 1 thing is missing, i need an active and creative bloger to work with me on this project this is not a job with salary, its partnership, the person who work with me will get 30% of what ever the website make which can be really good money ( ill explain how much it can make in privet chat ) no money needed to do this, just be good in searching information online and good in english to write for the website. contact Adel Frenburg inworld if you interested
  2. SL-eyes is looking to hire experienced sales people for an ambitious new project. Be part of a new and exciting business. Commission based opportunity working within a close-knit team. Ample opportunity for promotion as the team builds. Excellent people skills and a fun outgoing personality is essential. To apply contact Adel Frenburg inworld
  3. thank you but please if any one interested send me IM inworld
  4. hello every ong, i have business in SL that been there for some time now and i dont have time to run it any more, i am searching for some one who have the time to manage it and take care of it, so its like partner you dont have to pay anything i cover all the business need, and you will get share of profits. skills you need : - Marketing - Sales - HR ( hiring and managing employees ) - must write in good english ( prefer native english as you see my english is not so good ) IM adel frenburg inworld if you interested :)
  5. hello every one i am searching for some one to help people in our sandbox in building, you will be dealing with newbies so you dont need to know alot about building just to teach them the basics of building, how to move prim, how to link prims, how to use camera and zoom in or out. if you interested please IM adel frenburg inworld
  6. hello every one, we are looking for people who have free time and like to write about different things any type of writing is welcome :) - press release - travel articles - general articles - or any other type or articles you can provide payment in general are good rates but it depend on the writer quality also for more information please IM adel frenburg
  7. We are looking for people who can write about breedables in SL: Horses, K9 dogs, meeroose.....etc. If you are interested in breedables and your English is good, please contact adel Frenburg inworld for more information.
  8. We are a Web Services Company and are searching for writers to write articles for websites. You should be able to write in good English and there should be no grammar mistakes. There are always different topics given to research and write about. For more information please contact adel Frenburg inworld in Second Life.
  9. We need a scripter who can work together with our PHP programer to make it possible that residents can upload money to our joomla website through ATM inword and withdraw the money from the website to their SL accounts. Please contact adel Frenburg if interested.
  10. i need ppl who like to work as data entry adding articles to web sites , i pay 15 cent for each articel and i pay in L$ you dont neet to write the article by ur self but you have to edite some part in it , each article take 5 min max maybe less i will teach you every thing you need to know about the job and how to add the article if you are intersted please IM me or send note card adel frenburg
  11. i am looking for sales men if you intersted comission is very high , but its hard work IM me inworld if you intersted Adel Frenburg
  12. i am looking for sales men if you intersted comission is very high , but its hard work IM me inworld if you intersted Adel Frenburg
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