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  1. My other account has been in a relationship with a girl for over 3 years now, but then again we're together in real life aswell and we did not meet on SL...
  2. Don't cheap out and buy an avatar from Curious.
  3. That sounds quite cool, but i'm not quite good at teaching people stuff, that and i'm not super experienced in dj'ing, I know how to set up things and start streaming, butr that's about it.
  4. I'm currently trying to create some textures but i'm having a hard time finding insipration haha, thanks for whoever offered me a job, i've contacted you. If anyone else has any ideas or job offers please reply to this thread!
  5. Thansk for the nice replies so far, I might be willing to invest in a mic to use for DJ'ing if I really have to, same goes for a human avatar, but i'd need to know some good clubs... I only know furry clubs.. so I don't know any decent ones haha. Texturing... yeah I know it's difficult to sell, but I could try it I suppose..
  6. I know I know, well paying, on SL.. hah what a joke, but yeah, i'm looking for a job that pays better than my current DJ job at BaY (Bondage and Yiff club), where I only get paid by tips. I can make textures. I can make profile pictures or edit snapshots, i'm quite talented with photoshop. I can DJ, i've been dj'ing for several years (This is an alt account) using both winamp and SAM broadcaster. The problem is that I could get a lot better DJ job.. but I don't have a mic, wich most clubs ask their DJ's to have. I can't script nor build, so those two are out of the question. I Enjoy rp'ing quite a bit, so maybe an escort? But I don't want the club I work at to take 20+% of the little money I make, and seeing as there's already SO many escorts I doubt that would make me any decent linden. I'm a furry if that changes anything, and I don't have a human avatar.
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