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  1. Exactly, and it may sound weird, but wearing cat ears and a tail to me is not only what makes me a neko ... its hard to explain... I know u all know where I coming from
  2. I've been in SL for over 7 years total, and NEVER received a cake?!?! SOMEONE FILL ME IN?
  3. If your out there and your av used to be name CAYH Johin, please let me know your still alive... I heard you were in a terrible car accident, and had that chance to live... but you never logged back on, I often wonder about you brother...
  4. Ulrich Renoir If you are out there, please message me.... its been way to long!
  5. I have a group for nekos! please join for a community of nekos :) I would like to meet all of you as I have noticed there are not that many of us left. I also have a furry group for furries :) Give me a message on Second life :) DarkChaos Muni
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