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  1. Thanks for all the wishes guys! @Griffin, Yeah having a rez day only every 4 years kind of sucks I am sure there are many other leap year avis out there I just have yet to meet one. @Everyone. Wow, nobody here has gotten a cake? Maybe check your spam folder on your rez day. LL sends out an email wishing you a happy rez day and a link to get your cake from MP. When you rez it, it will say how many years you've been in SL.
  2. Rez day, Rez day where are you? Woke up this morning excited that it was my first SL birthday and looking forward to getting that birthday cake from LL, but I was forgotten. No rez day party for me, no rez day wishes, just crashes and lag. :D Any other leap year avis out there? Happy Rez day to you all!
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