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  1. Should have been a LUCIA picture I think .... this is great but .. well... Just to get the season spirit an all
  2. Just a answer or something to YOU ZenWarrior. (can be a bit wrong here because of my lack of english skills) (That you perceive and think otherwise only validates your teenage mentality.) I dont know what mentality you are refering to . Mine or others/ teens perhaps and not directly to me BUT.. For me SL and RL is the same ( I know it aint for most BUT) Just reading up on me or anyone else .. anyone can see that I am a 44 year old women, met my husband in SL ( and no sex lol).. was cooler in RL actually.We have 4 kids soon turning 15, 16, 17 and 18 at home (from our prev marriages). All w
  3. The Teens are here... get over it ADULTS ... somebody said..after reading almost all entries here that most Adults behave worse then the Teens. Yes we do. Because we earned the right to it beeing ADULT and over 18.. öhh Even in my country sweden we are adult at 18. But The Teens are already overexposed here with all that shit already in the media... Sooo what are we afraid of... ?? Acting out our dreams and desires through our cartoons! Does that mean beeing illigal or is it just a good cover for our dirty minds and sick sexual behavior. (You know what I am talking about) If we are adults... b
  4. I am glad you, LL are making this possible on one hand on the other hand, not so sure. I have Kids that really want to join the "real" world as they call it hehe, and even if I have nothing to hide, Im not sure I want them there. This is my PLAYGROUND.. Would actually love to see what the age span it is on us "adults" .. because as long as I have been in SL the group 20-30 years old is not that "many".. and the gap between the teens and me is BIG. (can be wrong ofcourse, but seeing other statistics it shows that, that age group have alot of other things in their lifes besides sitting by the
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