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  1. The Lindens are not lazy, they have dealt with the issue, the guy is IP banned. And requested to send his ID or any form of solid proof that he is who he says he is. He wont provide such info, because he doesn't want his real idenity out there. He is still trolling the forums, asking for reactions which each and everyone of you gullible people give him, while everything has been answered already. He is enjoying this attention to the max and the " parental advice" each and everyone gives him. Lets assume, someone reported him for ageplay - LL will close only close that AV's account and requests ID's to clear his name, meaning he can still make various other alts and troll along. However in his case if he gets Mac/IP banned - he must have done something very severe and pissed the Lab off aka I would assume, numerous TG residents have reported him. I can't believe some of the responses here, people actually believing this person, his spelling bee agendas and more. Anyone can see this is an obvious attempt to get some responses as in " bad girl bla bla bla " and freely giving to him by this community. No 14 yr old has an attention span like this, as in going on and on about something like that. As Unclebob said, this is an typical reply of someone who has been caught doing something very wrong. And anyone who feeds into this OP need for his " brattyness" is just as guilty!
  2. Yea I guess you're getting of your " high" now because there is different tone here in this thread. Give it up old man
  3. Nah, but you are an adult trying to enter the TG, and do ageplay there. You are forgetting to act " cute" now... so busted!
  4. AMEN! Exactly my point. Finally someone see's what I am saying. I am certain he gotten banned for ageplay and of course wants to stay "anon" and not showing LL his real idenity!
  5. I reported you for trolling and asking an illegal question on how to bypass an IP ban. People like you need to be off the internet!
  6. No you are a guy and you are getting your rocks off by this attention here. Don't matter what you say - you are a dude, a old dude not even remotley trying hard enough to act like a " female"! You insinuated some sort of " age rp " in this very forum, and yes the LL read these as well. It is not the spelling, it is your choice of words which give your old sack away. You may can fool some people on here but not me, and I think this thread should be closed and I will request for it to be done!
  7. This sounds like some fishy lie. The OP is can no be a 14 yr old and def not a female. He sounds like some old dude who did some bad stuff in SL. No 14 yr old types like this, the attitude he portrays ( yes I call this a HE ) looks like someone wants to pull everyones leg create some forum drama. If someone gets mac/ip banned, there was something very serious involved, and I hope this pervert stays of SL for good!
  8. I don't think you have an attachment on you but a " keylogger " on your PC which is used a lot in mmorgs like WoW to hack into peoples account and if you have ever exchanged emails with him, then this could be why. There are also tracking devices sold on xstreet where you can add anyones name to you this wearable gadget and he will know each time when you log in. Good luck to you.
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