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  1. How much would you charge for graphic work? Can you contact me in workd if you are interested? We have a shop in my sim that needs all the ads redone, similar to the style they are currently in. Phinneas Vella
  2. Not sure what to call it, but basicly I dont have the time anymore to promote my shop, I need help. Looking for a ful ltime person to do all my advertising, and drum up sales. Contact Phinneas Vella in world if you are interested. Pay upon experience.
  3. The guy who built the club on my sim is amazing., He built PLAY, and another one he built was Copa over on anohter sim. His name is Ander Galthie, you shoudl look him up. My Sim is Melioria, and my shop is PEER, you can come look at the build if you want, its the first LM in my profile. He built the whole mall, and its super low prim. Phinneas Vella
  4. I am looking for somone to help promote my store and the stores in my mall. We have 3 stores that will need a promoter. Somone to help with finding advertising, marketing us, and helping to get us in more hunts in sim. I am a designer, and don't have the time to continue doing that part on my own. Pay will be determined when we talk. Please contact Phinneas Vella in world
  5. I am looking for a SL photographer who is good with photoshop to take some pics and make posters for my store. I normally do all my own, but I am way busy, and would like to see something diffrent than my normal look. I am wanting about ten pics done, and would need to see a portfolio of your work to decide if you have the look I want. I have the models, so you do not need to supply those. My store is a male clothing and shape store for the most part, and we are gay freindly, so if you are homophobic, do not contact me. Contact me here, or in world as Phinneas Vella.
  6. I am looking for a photographer, but not just somone who does nice "profile pics". I want somone who is good in photoshop, and is willing to take critique. I am remodeling my store, and would like to see about having help with redoing all my wall posters. Not the vendors, just the "pretty pictures". I am very picky and have done all my own work in the past so I warn you in advance. Price is negotiable, but you need to show me a portfolio. All photos will have to be models of my choice, so you don't need to worry about finding models, as I have them. I own a male clothing and shape store that is gay freindly, so if you are homophobic, do not contact me. I am thinking about 10 photos.
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