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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gigli%20Virtuosos/53/54/23
  2. I was using a ssn **bleep** and the guy i was with must have been using its counterpart and all of a sudden i came up pregnant...It said congrats you will have a baby in 9 days unless you take the pill...what is the pill and where do i get it...and is there a way i can have an abortion?
  3. I am purchasing a adult land and I need a club built for me..I would like to have a basic design
  4. i am looking for a club to rent...doesnt matter what kind of club but a decent one where I can host parties and dances...
  5. oops my bad...i forgot just because it says adult anybody can look into it ..
  6. me and this guy were both using the ssn **bleep** and **bleep**..after he **bleep** in me it gave me his sperm.. I wore the sperm but it was after i was given it...do i get pregnant just by wearing the sperm??
  7. I would be interested in applying. I love being around kids and keeping them safe. I would take any postion you have open. thanks
  8. i pay every month and i have a home but nothing is in it..how do i add things to it to make it a home ?
  9. i want to start a small club and being new here I dont know how to, Could someone help me and point me in the right direction. I wouldnt mind finding a pre owned club but I dont want nothing big to start off with
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