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  1. I am interested. My inworld name is Shade Xigalia if you are interested in talking to me.
  2. I would like to be with a male partner. I am very lonely on Second Life and would love to find somebody. I like women also, but I prefer a man. I am on regularly.
  3. I am seeking a male partner, but I would like to be versatile. Would this be fine with you? I am on daily. My inworld name is Shade Xigalia if you want to message me.
  4. You should probably add me inworld. Shade Xigalia. I'm as goth as they get.
  5. If you are interested in being a DJ, Dancer, Escort or Host for my club, send a message in-world to Shade Xigalia. Dancers keep 100% of their tips. Open to homosexuals. If you have any questions, let me know. I would like to eventually make my club a 24/7 club, but only time will tell. We are beginning, so we don't have much yet. Workers who bring in traffic get a huge bonus.
  6. Male here, seeking a gay partner. Please contact me in-world by looking up Shade Xigalia.
  7. I am a gothic male looking for a male partner. My SL name is Shade Xigalia. Message me if you are interested, I am only interested in males. You must be able to do more than have sex, such as talk and keep me company. If you have any questions, let me know. I can always tell you more.
  8. Hey there, you can send a message to Shade Xigalia. I am looking for a gay or bisexual guy to talk to. You can call me Kamon. Thanks.
  9. A father or mother will do. Preferrably a father. Or both. Contact me in-world, Shade Xigalia. I wanna be an adult avatar with some parents. Don't care too much about details. Figured I'd try it out. Thanks.
  10. Hey. I'm a goth guy who gets lonely and would like to join an active Bloodlines group that tends to be doing a lot of stuff. I'm not new to Bloodlines, played before years and years ago, but would like to start up again. It doesn't have to be an overly friendly and accepting group of people, I'm just looking for some fun while I am online and some new friends. My name is Shade Xigalia in-world, for anyone who wants to talk to me. I like to be called Kamon though. Thanks.
  11. I have always wanted to run a club. I have my own ideas and things planned out if you would like for me to run a club. I am sure that I could make it popular.
  12. I used to play Neopets back when I was a kid. I no longer do, as I cannot find a way back into my account.
  13. I would enjoy doing that, but you're right... 500 a week is a little over the top. Any way to work out a cheaper deal?
  14. My name is Kamon. I am very lonely in SL, I haven't seen my partner in months. I would like to meet new people and see what happens from there. But I am finding that I have no one to talk to in SL, and I am usually just walking around watching over avatars move about. It gets boring after a while, and I would like to have more. I am bisexual, into both men and women. I want a strictly online relationship, I do not expect you to meet me or send me money, nor for me to meet or send. I want someone to walk around with, spend time with, to be looking for me when I'm gone and to be happy to see m
  15. I am currently in the process of creating a club that will be due to open in August for business. It will be a club that runs 24/7, so I will need plenty of Dancers, Escorts, Hosts, and DJs. Currently I am willing to pay 30 L an hour for each employee every 2 to 4 weeks depending on my paycheck. Tips will also be yours as well. I would like to have my staff ready and waiting for when the club opens up. If you are interested in working for me, contact Shade Xigalia (Kamon) in SL for an application notecard.
  16. If you are curious you can always message me. I am always for hanging out.
  17. I am up for being friends. I am always looking for new people to talk to.
  18. My name is Shade Xigalia, but I like to be called Kamon. I am an adult male, bisexual, I own a house and I plan to open a club in the near future. I have a thing for black and red. I like to spend money on SL. I am goth. Let me know either through here or a message if you are intersted and we can talk. Thanks. A little bit about me. I am confident, can be pretty cocky, spoiling, interesting, and I have time to talk. I am a good listener, a damn good rememberer. I like to play video games and I dislike being lonely. I am also a hard worker, in SL and out.
  19. I have literally just purchased a month's premium membership and I bought a house. I can't even teleport there. It says the land is unavailable and that I need to move to another land, but how do I do that and why is this happening?
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