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  1. Im interested... sent you friends request in SL
  2. I would like to have a club within my virtual city grid. I will dedicate a full sim for a club, and will allow anyone to run the club, keep all the income. I just want someone to run a club on my land. IM Cindy Vichan or Stevie Cooperstone.
  3. Smiles.... Could you afford to hire me? IM me if you want me on your advisory team.
  4. Hiya I can use a scripter to help me with some projects I am working on. I will be online Thursday 11/15/2012 as I am out of town today. Check out my office at Da Boom - tall building Galaxy Corporation My website has some of my projects http://www.galaxygrid.com/ Cindy
  5. Priced to sell - Bay City Brewster Double Prim land For Sale, Under Priced. I have 2 awesome end of road parcels next to each other for sale, make your friday the best with this awesome land. Bay City - Brewster (240,16) General 1024m L$62,500 Bay City - Brewster (216,28) General 800m L$58,750 Priced to sell well under any other land in bay city! Will take offers :) Any Questions Please Contact Cindy Vichan
  6. Wooo! A great event, i was happy to be a part of it.
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