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  1. I have a lot of space for low LI 3d art as well! All artists are welcome to contact me!
  2. Aiyana (Eternal Beauty) is a hung-art gallery, sculpture garden, and event place that hosts music and juried art contests. I created this place to host artists from SL and RL. Education classes for SL photography will be offered for any who would wish to learn how to capture experiences in SL with an artistic flare. All proceeds go to continue the land. All sales go 100% to the artists. Come check it out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rendezvous Point/75/55/28
  3. I have a script that sits a user a distance away. When the avatar stand, I would like the Avatar to return to a specific location, but can't find the standing event to trigger the action. Is there a status or function I can use to do that? Here is the flow Sit on object move avi to X,Y,X + 20,20,20 Stand move avi to X,Y,Z
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