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  1. Because i can press a button to restart my sim, All loads up 9 times out of 10 just fine. When LL does this, it breaks the grid, had for years ♥
  2. Wait.. You actually pay for MAINLAND property? Lag Lag Griefers Lag Ugly Lag Lag Griefers Lag Did i miss anything? Oh! Lag
  3. Oh wow.................................... ♥
  4. ----------------^ Speaks my mind, other then my attitude twords the company, which is not neutral, i'll start paying them again when they start working with me not agenst me.
  5. Pay them more.. or do like i did, and pay them nothing.. enough people do that maybe they will cut the marketing crap altogether.
  6. Nothing new people... When i restart my sim.. or you restart yours.. it does it's thing.. comes back up.. 9 times out of 10 all is well.. WHen LL does restarts.. it breaks the grid, been that way for years
  7. Looking for someone who can do some 'Very' detailed work and create a Scifi/Bladerunner Type of build, i want to look down the street and see chaos.. an endless sea of city that never seems to end.. and i want to look up to see a crammed skyline of buildings, apartments.. shops.... .. Lots of clutter. Drop me a message in world if you are interested, thanks ♥ -Nadia Barrymore
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