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  1. OK, after mesh officially hit the streets, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. The results were great. I got a much nicer game case. Joy turned to sorrow when I realized I've got no way I can get this to my existing customers. People with a lot of popular product out there (such as Stroker Serpentine (sex-gen beds), Vickie Greenwood (sculpt studio), vehicle makers, etc.) have got the following problems: I'm sure someone would propose this, but you can't just exchange old for new. For some creators, they'd be 24/7 doing manual exchanges. Also, many products have significant configuration issues and that creates a new difficulty for anyone swapping. Exchanges work if you've got a few hundred of a product out there, but not when there are thousands.I sell my items mod so customers can customize. They can re-shape quite a few of the basic prims and re-texture them. However, one thing you can't do is turn an existing prim into a mesh item. An adventurous owner can try to make one and then put the scripts from one object to another, but one thing the owner can't port between the two is the script PIN for updating, because that's a secret known only to me.And speaking of those updates, not only can you not manually update a prim to mesh, you can't programmatically update it either. I can understand hesitation on LL's part to allow this or someone would set out to animate mesh which would push sims far too hard. However, like loading URLs, imposing a 3 second script delay would allow developers to retrofit existing customers with new designs but put a damper on using scripts for animations.As things are, I can't update existing customers, so I've immediately lost interest in creating mesh for other projects. I'd be interested to hear what other creators of scripted items think about the whole thing. P.S. I almost captioned this "Mesh? Meh!" :-)
  2. Here ya go. Here's V2 versus Phoenix: I made an attempt to turn my game case into mesh. I liked the result, but sadly there's no way for me to get people updated to it. I'm officially abandoning mesh until LL allows mesh to be a mod to existing items.
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