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  1. I have put an update notice on my listing and didn't create a new listing; I just replaced the item in the listing with the newer version. It's a free item (for Pride), so I'm not going to go nuts sending out a new one to everyone who purchased it. I did send it to the person who mentioned in her review that a few of the designs were missing, and she loved the new version. Thanks for the responses🙂 I will join the Web User group!
  2. I'm fairly new at Marketplace listings, having returned from SL last year after several years away. When I left, we were still using physical boxes to store inventory. The new way was an adjustment for me, but now that I have the hang of it, it's so much simpler than having to have boxes of inventory all over the place. Anyway, when I first decided to start my "shop" (it's MP only, not in-world yet), it was at the very end of May, so I decided to post some Pride items I'd made last year and offer them for free. This was before I learned how to make texture change HUDs, so it was really just a box of mesh dresses in various designs. I had a couple of 5-star reviews, but one of them indicated that a couple of the designs in my listing images were missing. I have since learned to make texture HUDs, and I'm in the process of making HUDs for those same dresses and intend to replace my listing with the updated version to include the ones that I apparently forgot to pack in the original box as well as a couple of extra designs I've made since then. Is there an easy way for me to send this new item to anyone who has previously purchased the other version? I see where I can redeliver individual orders, but is there any way I can redeliver in bulk to anyone who purchased them? And if I redeliver will they get the new one, or will they receive a redeliver of the old version?
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