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  1. If I rent half a private region, what is the maximum numver of avatars allowed there ?
  2. Thanks for that info... I'll go and get the upgrade.
  3. Do we know how Linden Labs intend to enforce these rules? It seems that Sploders have always been illegal yet they seem to rely on members reporting them as abuse. Will they really try to find every Greedy table that currently has the potential for requiring a pay fee?
  4. yes Thank you.. that is my conclusion.. Thanks for all reples to my posts.
  5. so to be absolutely clear.. contest boards the do nit require any sort of fee to enter, remain outside the new rules and therefore completely 'legal' ?
  6. In fact it seems quite clear that sploders as in general use now, will be illegal outside permitted areas without licence , whether considered chance or skill .. Do you agree?
  7. good point... thank you. for pointing this out. If the y dont pay to enter the contest then it clearly does not fall within the skill game definition ..
  8. This reply tells us nothing. It seems It is unreasonable to put the onus on us for determining whether a Contest board or sploder is skill or chance, Supposing we decided Skill and then LLL tries to take action against us because they dont agree with out decision.. What happens then? In fact LL must be totally aware of the general type of sploder and contest board in general use. It should surely be possible to say whether LL regard the awarding of a prize awarded for best costume in a competition qualifies as a game of chance or skill or neither. Similarly, they could give specific guidance on the sploder that pays out from a pot which users conttribute to. Are they legal or not?
  9. Can I find the object name from the UUID ? AntiSpam Blocked : <UUID> for spamming a sound. But how dow I find the offending object>
  10. Can I find object from its UUID only? Antispam blocked >UUID< . I need to find the object
  11. Has anyone else noticed that their traffic numbers have not changed for at least four days? If so , does anyone know why? Thanks
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