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  1. Yes as I had explained at first it was exactly that, a playlist stored as MP3s on my own server. It has been running that way for 5 or 6 years now. Something has changed recently and turned off this ability and we lost our ride soundtrack. But using sound media makes sense rather than forcing MP3s into the parcel music stream. I also had a music player on my parcel which used the same system to make a parcel playlist stored off in the cloud. That wont work now either. But using a similar system by sending the mp3s to the default media will work, so if anyone is still selling these sort of devices then at least it has a fix.
  2. Since the music stream seems to not allow this now I just used the Sim default Media and set it as audio files and all works fine, even if there are no prims textured with media just had to add a text message saying allow media for best experience. Plays across the whole parcel now
  3. https://www.dizzisternberg.co.uk/music/Picts.mp3 is an example of what used to play
  4. We have a ride that uses sound from a web URL played through the parcel music settings this used to work but now it appears to have stopped functioning . the URL is still valid and plays the music in a browser. Has something changed in the viewer?
  5. Yes you can download the mobile client app from the amazon store (free) it works but has a bug that leaves you naked to others veiwing you not good if you dont want to be banned ive reported the bug to the app writer meanwhile if you use it make sure your skin is PG
  6. I tried the mobile client app but it shows my AV as naked not good if you dont want to get banned otherwise seems to work I reported the bug to the app writer
  7. In the cases where i've used this it has been for 1 side of the prim only i.e. a scrolling water texture though i may have defaulted to ALL_SIDES i will have made the other textures unused to be transparent, majority of times it is a sculpt I'm animating which just has the one texture face since it seemes to be things like waterfalls and scrolling starfields I would think that correct scrolling on one face would be enough
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