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  1. Kelly Linden wrote:

    • data
      will contain a CSV of destination id and amount transferred on success and an error tag on failure. 

    Is this a good idea, given that the Linden CSV parsing functions are broken?

    See SVC-285 for details.

    I saw in a previous comment that you believe this to be more general, but really a list is more general since it can contain any type without quoting or casting errors (eg, from converting between floats and strings).

  2. No.

    I don't like double-click teleport, especially since it actually goes through the whole teleport thing... so if you're in a teleport-restricted parcel or one with a landing point you end up somewhere else. Physical fake-teleport tricks using llMoveToTarget work so much better. Anyone want a script for that, let me know in-world.

    I like double-click navigation and wish SL would let you set waypoints the way EQ did, so you can set up a path and let your avatar do the walking.


    Vick.Forcella wrote:

    I'll recompile in LSO and if LL forces implementation of Mono they better make it work first, and give us a year or two to update/ replace.... (i.e. LSO will never be made redundant cos I hace said so)

    Babbage has said that they're planning on rewriting the LSL interpreter in Mono, so that LSL scripts would be wrapped inside a Mono script.

    I am uncertain of the wisdom of this course. I mean they have done amazing things with the Mono implementation, I'm totally impressed, but ... I still think they're trying to eat something bigger than their heads.

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  4. And no email from Linden Lab? They're supposed to email when an account is suspended.


    Do they have a premium account, or own an Island? They could have been disabled for non-payment (this doesn't mean they're deadbeats or anything, sometimes banks or Linden Lab mess up and the payment fails).


    I'm afraid they're going to have to call that number, possibly they can do it through Skype?

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