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  1. Hello, I am sorry to say that I must withdraw from the contest due to some obligations that I cannot avoid. Regards, Eliza.
  2. Hello, Kmere, in my opinion the cutest animated colour changing bubblegum is [PF] Yum Bubblegum! created by Mochi Milena owner of [Pink Fuel]. Here is a link to the Marketplace ad for this product. Enjoy, Eliza.
  3. Charlar Linden wrote: Agenda and Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Archive/2011-06-13 Thanks to whoever brought the stew! Next User Group is Monday May 20, 12:00 Pacific Time For information about the User Group or to add agenda items for the next meeting: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation/Mesh_Import/Scripting_User_Group Next User Group should be dated on June 20, 12:00 Pacific Time. Just a little correction. Eliza.
  4. Hello, Zhara, yes, it is. More information can be found here. Have a nice time, Eliza.
  5. Hello, everyone, I am pleased and honoured to be a part of the Bay City Community. I joined Bay City Community because there is something supremely satisfying about it and also because I found this is the right place to share our views about various matters. I have been poking around here for a while, but I never have formally introduced myself so I thought, I would do it on this special day. It's Bay City's Third Anniversary. Taking place at Bay City regions in Second Life. The joy and celebration is seen in every corner of the streets and homes here, thus you shouldn't hesitate a second to join Bay City Community. I am dedicated to my work and I like bouncing ideas off other people, thus If you would like to meet me In-World, feel free to visit my lands at Bay City. If you like spending time "outdoors", you will surely enjoy landscaping there. Thanks in advance for your consideration, Eliza.
  6. Witam, gratuluję i życzę powodzenia. Pozdrawiam, Eliza.
  7. Hello, Identity, congratulations to the Polish in Second Life on their new forum. Though I would let you know that when I click on the forum adress I get a " Invalid Parameters Specified " error. I think it's because of the full stop at the end of the link, thus I am placing this link again, without a full stop at the end of the line. Should be working perfectly now. Polish Forum: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Polish-Forum/bd-p/polishforum Best of luck, Eliza. Edit: You are welcome, Identity !
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