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  1. Yes, this does the trick! So obvious and simple. I am low vision. I was starting to get angry but the problem is solved now.
  2. These links were very useful. Thank you. Lingering question: If you open a world map of mainland continents you can see, arranged in a grid pattern, names of places--I call them communities. Is each of these communities one region??
  3. I had a question on the relationship between tier, prims, and land purchase but the following question got lost in the thread, so I'm re-posting a specific question . . . What is a Region? For example, I live in Fumb. Is that a Region? How do I find the boundaries of a Region? I need to know this because I must buy in the same Region to utilize new prims (in the same region). And, BTW, "region" and "sim" are synonymous, right? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  4. Resident Posts: 22 Topics: 11 Registered: 01-25-2010 Re: Basic Prim and Tier Question [ New ] 01-25-2012 11:31 AM Thank you for these helpful answers. They are appreciated. I'm a little confused about the term "region." I know that my community is Fumb and I know that this is Mainland. But does my region have a name? And how do I find out the boundaries of my region? And "sim" is synonymous with "region," right? I see now that I need to know these things because I must buy future property in the same region if I want to use prims for my property (in my region).
  5. Hi, I collect paintings and sculpture and I'm out of prims. If I increase my tier, will I automatically receive a new prim allowance based on sqm or do I have to buy property first? If I do buy property can I use my prims on my original land, where I'm doing collecting, regardless of the location of that new land that's giving me prims? Or I can only use those prims on the new land? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  6. @Randall Ahren Thanks for this advice. It worked perfectly, and I have bought land.
  7. I think that LL's Viewer 2.0 is very clean, with a nice mix of minimalism and functionality. But, for me, it has one flaw that makes this viewer a deal-breaker: the failure of Profiles to load. When I want to meet people, I IM. I need to scan lots of Profiles to find likeminded souls. Oh, I wish LL would bring back the rt. click pie chart that'd snap open in one second. . . For my OS MacX Snow Leopard, Singularity and Phoenix both crash constantly. Too bad because Singularity's Radar is WONDERFUL. Imprudence has good stablity and lots of Viewer 1.0 features and solves the Profile failu
  8. Yeah, yeah, I know it's kinda crazy, but I want to max full value on my monthly tier. Do you have 16 s.q.m. for sale? I'll give you a good price. How many prims would I get? (If any :-)
  9. The original avatar name system worked well. It could have been improved by enabling residents to change their first name (subject to it never having been used by another resident) for a modest fee (say US$10). It was that simple. Yes! Yes! Yes! I understand progress. But I don't understand REGRESS.
  10. I just tried Singularity. One more chance and, sadly, I might have to give it the boot. More on this in a second. LL's Viewer 2.0's Profile's failure to load is a deal-breaker for this viewer. 2.0 is just fine--and has notable improvements--for working around the house, but if you only IM (like me), then Profiles are critical for social ineraction. I could use 2.0 around the house and Singularity for talking but, nah, I want to find one favorite viewer . . . Singularity's Radar is WONDERFUL! It loads a tiny bit slower than LL 1.0 Profile, but has much more information (a whole AV list
  11. @Peewee: Re: the running (flying) AV, thanks for the explanation--the first I've heard that makes sense. Yes, sometimes you can accomplish more by keeping your hands OFF the keyboard! It's kind of counter-intuitive. I just downloaded, installed, and took my first look at Singularity. WOW! I haven't started playing yet. I see she's staying very close to LL's TOS, which means it'll probably be around for awhile. I'm going to have to write down her name--a worthy SL resident to send some Lindens.
  12. I can understand reasons for that. And I do know, from what others have said, that my case was resolved. But short of that, how about a simple "This closes trouble ticket number X." Instead of being left in the dark . . . It was actually Residents who gave me information about what LL did in my case--but not the end result re: the griefer. I just want simple communication.
  13. Thanks for your explanations. I did go to Profile < Edit Profile < New Display Name and, happily, I could change kurt7D8 Avon to Kurt7D8 Avon! Yay! I'm so happy! I'm still a little confused though. Sorry if you already explained one of these items. First, by "username" are we talking about the log-on to SL name? I used my AV name as my username, so my username and display name are the same. Does it matter? Second, a Profile comment said that the display name is the AV name. That's confusing. Why not just call it the avatar's name? Now on display I have two names, my old one a
  14. I'm going to check out Singularity. From what you and another resident said, this viewer may also have a de facto undo function where you can return an object (such as the wall of your house) to its original position. If I still prefer SL Viewer, I could still use the other for specific functions. Thanks for the recommend.
  15. I thought that with the new naming system, that maybe LL would cut some slack and allow a name edit. Not even for $L -- it's just a fee. My name is kurt7D8 Avon. I thought I was slick. "7D8" is the year I began teaching. "7D8" is base 16 (hexadecimal) for "2008," the year I retired. But given that I was an English teacher for 30 years and made my first name lower case is driving me crazy! I almost want an ALT only so that I can change "k" to "K." You think I should contact LL or am I wasting my time?? And what's up with the name change
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