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  1. Innula, You may be correct about a simple bug fix to change llRequestAgentData, but my simple bug fix would be to add a "Log in as offline" to the home screen of the SL viewer. There would be no [Announce] packet sent out to the grid that a user had logged in. In any scenario, venders need a reliable way to deliver products, notecards and IMs. A user set to offline would undoubtedly have to deal with the fact that they have chosen to appear offline. They would get none of the benefits on being online, as is their choice. Who/What is to differentiate between a valid Vender and a malicious object? Remember that this is just to cater to the 'squeaky wheels' that are complaining, which i believe is a very low percentage of users. If they want to then complain they dont get the benefits of being online, then why did you go offline in the first place? To strengthen the big picture, deliveries would need to be made instantly, say to a "Recent Deliveries" System Folder. This would support Objects and Notecards. However, there would not be a way to support Object generated IMs. I noticed recently that SL created a PM system which is annoying and not a proper solution. Invading my first life without my wanting it is kinda defeating the purpose of SL. Did i mention that most users _want_ to be online and visible to others? like maybe the whole reason to log into a massively multiplayer chat construction environment? Anyway, the whole thing seems ridiculous to me. If they wont fix llRequestAgentData, then it will come down to a choice. The living breathing economy of many _important_ key mechanisms to bypass the multitudes of SL problems already plaguing the populous or choose to cater to the complainers. If this goes down the way its looking like it is... Im going to laugh my ass off and then cancel my premium membership and my 6+ land rentals along with most likely a swoth of others. I have this sneaking suspicion that SL has a greater goal like somehow linking into Facebook or becoming some increasingly LL created world where all current users are invalid, as they would be replaced with 'new market' users. The funny part will be when the primary partner or social network they depend on realizes that SL is held together with paper clips and what seem like greed directed choices. Dont get me wrong, if SL would stop making bad decisions or patches to patch patches from v1.0 then id be all for it. Ive been a member for 7 years, which is saying alot. Yeah, was always curious how SL would vanish into wiki history and this looks like an excellent place to start. -- Kae Fox
  2. Let me reiterate what i see the majority of posts are saying: 1) Having a "True Offline" mode is accepted by most, if not all residents, including myself, being a business owner and script maker. 2) Disabling script support and showing all second life users as offline without recourse is highly disputed and will cause a wave of problems and loss of user base. From my perspective, the actual underlying problem is that SL's Offline/Stealth mode is broken, and doesnt actually show as offline as it should. Also, a user should expect not to be able to receive offline messages, package deliveries, message deliveries or other notifications if they log in as offline/stealth. But in accordance to Linden Lab history, it is better to create a new feature or take away a feature, than it is to fix a bug or listen to its users. As of this post (~230), this thread has the largest number of posts and views of all threads in thisforum that are not official LL posts. It shows how important this problem is to most, and how a simple bugfix would calm it all down. If you agree or disagree, please reply to this post and voice your opinion -- Kae Fox http://myslon.com Chimera Development LLc
  3. Greetings, I run a business that informs users of the online status of Second Life users anywhere in the world using a PC Client, Web Notifications, Cellphone Lists and in-world HUD tools. This business has been running for 6 years now. This new policy and removal of script functionality will terminate my business and outrage all of my users. What do my users use the service for? When a loved one comes online, they get a notification and they then log into SL to be with them. Business managers track all their employee shifts and make sure they are online when they should be. Individual users will choose not to log into SL if there is someone else already online they want to avoid. An out-of-world buddy list that can keep notes and color preferences. But most importantly, a PC notification system where if any friend logs on, they can choose to log in too and join them. How would this be better solved? Make privacy choices the same for scripts as for viewers. If someone wants to log-in as invisible, they can, but dont destroy all scripting functionality because a few users dont know how to use the Mute button. Overreaction: Removal of vital scripting code is an example of going too far. Privacy may be important for some users, but there are others who want to have their status known, so they can have the opportunity of joining friends or having notifications sent to them after they log in. Instantly setting all users into stealth mode will have a majority negative impact on the user experience, affecting everyone, all Second Life users, instead of just expanding stealth mode to hide those that want to be hidden. Hats off to you Linden Labs, for wanting to close down more of your in-world businesses. -- Kae Fox http://myslon.com Chimera Development LLC
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