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  1. Thank you for your reply to My question. I have run through the SAM system and both the statistic relay as well as the stream config are set up correctly. The song titles are being shown on the website for the stream from the Shoutcast, it is just not coming inworld to the boards.. No matter what board it is (thou, at the moment, I have been using the one Created by Lestat Productions). ###### UPDATE####### I have noticed that, in Firestorm, when I turn the music on, the viewer says the names ov the songs as it should be. Could this problem be down to the boards inworld only and not My Shoutcast or SAM setup?
  2. Good Evening to you all. Ok, I having quite a problem with this, and I thought I would call upon the great people within SL to see if anyone else has had this problem and has been able to fix it. I have my SAM 4.9 set up to My Shoutcast V2 server. on the Server site that shows my stream, I can see what songs are playing perfectly. When I start up Winamp and connect to the address, that too shows which song is being played. yet, while inworld, the sound comes through perfectly, yet the DJ boards are unable to show any details for the song/people listening/bite rate of the stream. it is probably something I have set wrong within Shoutcast V2, but I can not seem to locate the problem. SAM is set to the correct address as well as using the V2 settings. The other stream I have that shows up inworld is a Linux V1 server, where this is a Windows V2 server. If anyone could give me a little advic e, I would greatly appriciate it. Have a good day and hope to hear soon Azah Tabor
  3. hey Yoki... with the incorperation of Meshing and such that the viewer 2.x has which the 1.23 does not, then, sadly, it will force people to move to the viewer when meshing has replaced all the sculpties within the world. If and when that time comes, we will all be forced to use the viewer or face the sad point that we will not be able to view items that have been made with meshing
  4. thank you for your post Cinn.. I do agree, in some cases, it is all down to the computer side more than the viewer, but, the main point of my post was actually the comfort zone of alot of the residents. My apologeze for making it sound like I was blaming the viewer for the issues with older computers. When I tried the 2.x viewer, my graphics was only a 512 and the ram was 1gig.. so, was a slow machine. lol.. OK, will say it this way.. for all those that are comfortable with the 1.23 viewer and are not wanting to change to the viewer 2.x, do you want to see the new applications that are being placed within the 2.x also being placed into the 1.23 viewer coding.. Azah
  5. Hey all.. OK, I would like to start this off by saying that this is NOT a post that condemns the 2.x style viewer, but it is more a question regarding the old 1.23 and alike viewers.. I use the 1.23 as do a lot of those I know, and we can not understand why all the best stuff is coming out for the 2.x viewer(meshing and such) and not for the 1.23 style. Most of Us can not afford/ do not have high end computers and I know that the 2.x uses more than the old 1.23. My personal reason for not using the 2.x is because I am too used to the old style and do not like the layout of the 2.x nor the functionality of it. I send this post out hoping that there are like minded people out there still using the old 1.23 style that feel comfortable with it but still wish to be able to use some of the newer items that has been placed into the 2.x viewer. Meshing being the main point as I know a lot of in-world business's will be moving from sculpted items to meshing. All thought and comments are welcomed Azah Tabor
  6. I am no wizz at what is happening, but it is sounding like LL has changed the opening locations for your application to V2.x.... think of it like a brouser.. when you click on something to open it up, it sometimes opens another tab.. or will automatically open Internet Explorer even thou your default brouser is say Firefox.. Thats just my thoughts on it.. I hope what I have said is understandable as I am still half asleep. lol
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