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  1. Patience, little one. Yes, I crashed every 5 minutes (I timed it) for the first 1/2 hour. Then, not so often, but occasionally in that first day, but I decided to keep an open mind. I was aware that they are still in beta, so I decided to persevere, and happily so. I can safely say that I no longer crash at all and I've only been in for about 2 weeks. I've rented a nice lot with a pretty house, am planting trees, grass and flowers, just bought into a lot for a store in a mall filled with names we'd all recognize from SL, have bought items from very familiar designers and artisans, know of others who are cautiously watching and waiting, but are registered users at least. Once I am able, I will be spending the same money I pay in rent in SL for a 1/2 homestead on my own full private isle sim in IW for a gazillion prims. IW went from under 100 sims sold last April to hundreds sold to date (sorry, the exact numbers escape me right now), most within the last 2 months. There was a write-up on a site that is all about virtual worlds...they reported that while IW was growing by leaps and bounds (and gave the actual numbers), SL was slowly declining (again, gave numbers). They said IW quickly became #2, so sounds like I'm not the only one who's on this bandwagon....but, sounds like you might be one of the ones left behind when the wagon rolls out of beta. I've seen land holders in SL lose tens of thousands of real dollars, lose their RL home because of it, I've seen creators/merchants lose business to the point they can no longer support their rents or sims and shut down, I've seen decisions made by LL that only manage to make things even worse for its residents, who they claim they are here for and by. Like I said, if you have the patience and understanding, you can to be a part of something truly great. I plan on being there when....not if...it happens. And, as Cabbage intimates below, the lack of the cynics, the naysayers, the ill-minded, is truly refreshing. A breath of fresh air. It's more about community and friendliness, support, realizing we're all there just to enjoy letting our imaginations flow. No backstabbing, character-slashing, petty competitiveness that involves belittling others to make oneself feel bigger, having to create new AV's to escape a virtual life gone wrong. Not yet, anyway...and I plan on enjoying the fresh air as long as it lasts. I'm very happy to have found IW and will stay with them even while they're still working out their bugs. I don't go into it looking for perfection, I go into it looking for freedom....freedom of imagination and freedom from negativity. If you choose to give it a shot, I suggest you leave your expectations at the door....I know I had to learn that, myself, and glad I did. And, as I see SL heading, it's not a pretty thing.....think crash and burn, flames and twisted metal.....it's a shame, really, because it was a wonderful place...for a while. Oh...and I will never wear a cubic zirconia...but, I have no problem working and sweating through the inconveniences of mining for that perfect diamond.
  2. Good point, Ayla. Man, I tell ya...LL really needs to wake up and pay attention. I can't believe there's not one person on staff saying 'ummm...no, that's not a good idea, guys'.....to many, many of their ideas. Or, was that person one of the ones they had to let go due to budget cuts and restructuring? Sorry LL, looks like you're in for quite a bit more of that if you keep on the way you have been in the past year and continue to be. See y'all in InWorldz! (No Lindens allowed...they'll break it! LOL)
  3. ".... and that we would be admitting 16- and 17-year-olds to the main grid." WHAT??? Ummm....hellooo, LL.....have you forgotten that 16-17-year-olds are still considered minors in many countries? So now, you're planning on getting yourselves shut down by welcoming minors into the world of adults? Even mature content shouldn't be handed to kids. You're only imposing limits on the 13-15-yr olds...well, isn't that just so responsible of you. LOL This decision, like so many others, only shows more of the same ridiculous lack of thinking that has become the trademark of LL's brilliant moves. Wow. See y'all in InWorldz!
  4. Is anyone really surprised? LL has been chock-full of brilliant ideas, what's one more gonna hurt? LOL Yep, just more of the same....greed...pathetic and inexcusable greed. I can't believe they really have their heads so far up their wazoos that they can't see that the mass exodus is already happening. But, then again, if they were truly paying attention, they'd realize what their brilliant decisons are doing to their product....shutting it down, basically. See y'all in InWorldz! (IW has grown to #2 in just 6 months, started up last year, and with LL's continued idiocy, IW has seen growth levels that boggle the mind, while SL is slowly declining...anyone wondering why? No, me either. LOL)
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