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  1. ok seriously? why are we just picking on progeeny here? I am a Bloodlines Hybrid onee of the oldest in Progeny, joined in 2010, and also was a hunger player. Hunger also allows you to fed from non-players without concent but allows you to do so from 20 meters away meaning you dont have any chance at protection. alsso in bloodlines or hunger it is a sat draw per bite with progeny you control how much they get by sitting still too long. if you let someone get withiin 1 meter of ou not the 2 meters the OP stated out of ignorance, then you are a fool as there are so many huds out theree that will
  2. ,Ok I use Adobe Audition 3.0 to work my sound files. SL wont accept PCM .wav files created in Audition, any idea why? Before you ask, all files are <9 seconds, PCM .wav, 16 bit, 44100 Hz as required by LL guidelines. Have even tried ADPCM in both windows and IDM styles, have tried 6 versions of .wav in total.
  3. Just wondering, are you also using Adobe Audition? I cannot upload any sounds recorded in Audition. All files are PCM .wav, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (44.1 mHz) and are under 9 seconds. when I try to upload says it isnt a PCM WAVE file but it is. If I use a sub par limited option amature program such as Audacity it works. have simular issues with builds using Prim Composer in 3dsmax but if I use *shudders* Blender it works.
  4. I wasn't saying i wanted to be a linden. and i have seen one. here was a sever griefer problem and i about feel over at the L rep that showed up to fix it. It was A, not saying the but A, Philip Linden. and oddly that griefer vannished about 3 seconds laer and all his alts
  5. Yes i do. This took about 2 seconds of thought but I think this sounds logical. Say you or I am a griefer, what name could we do more damage with? How much damage if I took your name? How much if you took mine? Not much really. I mean we could piss some people off and ruin each others name to stupid people. Now how much trouble could we cause as Philip Linden? With that name wouldn't we be considered as having the final word? Couldn't statements from even a fake P.L. cause mass chaos, ruin malls and sims? See I am already known for being a blunt ass to people. I have MY pride. I have MY h
  6. YES!!!!! All those criminal women that take their husbands names when they are married. The criminal b@#^hes. BAN THEM ALL FROM OXYGEN!!!!!!!! While we are at it lets lock up all those actors that use fake names. OH OH OH!!! Make the studios not pay them for not signing contracts with their real names. Get the hell off your high horse on its freakin golden pedestal. Some display names will be for marrages. Some for Professional reasons. There are these people on SL that do concerts, and they do many bands. Now they can change their display name every week for the new set so it says, as an
  7. now are you adding the RLV to the 2.x side seeing as how that uses the 2.x shell? and snowglobe does too i think? in fact from my checking a lot of the TPVs are using the 2. shell now. yes the 1.x is still used but personally i see one more pie menu and my laptop goes out the window.
  8. and if someone is say a DJ in a club where they must keep their group tag on but has their display name as their DJ name (for us SL and internet radio DJ's doing sponcered showes) then how do they load 2 group titles on their SL av name? and seeing as how when I went to a sim that dislay names worked on in locall it showed both my dispay name and my user name and recorded them both as plain text in my logs it seems to me that you are bitching without fully testing or even trying the feature your own damn self and are just propeing the fear machine by the scared complainers on here.
  9. yeah ummmmm, my blog/forum id is a month or 2 old but my main av I use is 1 year 3 months old. my oldest av is 5 years old but i nolonger have that email address nor can i remember the pw. but I guess that doesn't matter huh?
  10. answer: if you right click or mouse over and look at the info window it shows the real name. (stated in video from LL) answer: as you mouse over the names the real user name shows. (stated in the video from LL) answer: as you mouse over the names the real user names show. (again stated in video from LL) answer: really if you are this whiny who would want to be you. (my opinion sorry) answer: because if you take all the people hat have a real legit concern that hasn't been addressed and there hasn't been an honest resolve that makes 3 people. those of us who are open minded and have done t
  11. ummm truely not to be rude but have you thought logically? the 3rd party viewers are either viewer 123 or viewre 2 with more stuff added in that are not reay needed. double click teleport? so take a small program, add more programs to it and make it use more resources make it better? i have tried every 3rd party out of curiosity and wil stick with the LL viewers.
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