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  1. Hi i want to ask what does it mean four consecutive numbers in the bottom right on a picture; the first three consist of two digits and the fourth of three. For example, I saw there on a picture of my own Time: 0: 03: 09 and Texture: 0:03:04, i think i understand what they are, but first time i see the above combination of four numbers. How and why i can have these on my picture? Thank you all T.
  2. wondering, if i block someone, he knows it?
  3. hi all i see on the world map "Find on map my friends online" how is that possible? i see only a green ball on the world map but my friend is online (his name is marked online in the friendship list and i talk to him) ty T.
  4. i upgraded my account to a premium membership, i got a home and i do not know how can i go there how is that possible?
  5. what exactly is a parcel in second life?is it a different thing from a land? Ty!!
  6. Wondering, if it is possible to know who is the owner of a parcel that i cannot approach cause i am not on the access list Ty for the answer
  7. Hi!!! Trying to tp myself on a sim shown on the map. I see people there. But when i press teleport i receive the message "Teleport failed. No valid parcel could be found". I dont understand, if that means that the sim doesnt exist anymore, then how i can see the green spots of people on it and buildings there too? thanx for the answer
  8. I understand why people want to seem "sinless" or not to be followed when they were online last time, but i think all that have sense with groups with open enrollement. But i cannot understand why someone hides his own group + with an innocent name + with closed enrollement + made from him and his alt. There is no danger i think and i cannot understand that
  9. My home is locked. My curtains are open. No one in my access list. I know that it is possible for someone to spy the inside of my home using his camera. But he can take pictures too? If the answer is yes, what can i do to avoid it? Thank you all
  10. I notice sometimes groups with 2 members only and closed enrollement. I suppose that this means that the first member of the two is the owner of the group. I dont understand if that offers to the owner something more than to be just friend with someone. Maybe privileges to both members to build in the land of one of them or what else?
  11. anyone knows if there is any way to have the time of my country right up on my screen instead of PDT time? Thank you :)
  12. Do not hang your rl hopes in sl honey. No one comes to us easily in rl, the same in sl, maybe for the same reasons. The only one secret is to be sincere, with our life. Τhe most important is to be honest and consistent with our thoughts and our actions, just as it requires real life. But nobody forbids us to be liars or hypocrites or whatever else we can not be in real life. Such people we meet everywhere, and here. Do not hesitate to talk to people and say what you think. So you will be able to observe very clearly the consequences of your words and thoughts This seems to be the most fun side
  13. Hello:) I would like to ask please: if I choose in Prefs “Only friends and groups can see me online” and deselect the name of a friend in the friend list, this friend can see me online in some way? Am I visible in the search engine for this friend or others no friends? Thanks for your answer:)
  14. i have no more ideas. i downloaded sl again (the newest version), rebake doesn;t work, i am at "home", serenity reigns here (no lag). any hope to see my sweet Tonya again? Oh please help me to see my doll again:)
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