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  1. Thanks for your answer... i was searching alot before i was choosing the acer with nvidia, so i think ill stick to that even if i will have to stay away from SL for a while more.
  2. Hy, i need quick help. I couldnt login to SL for a long time cus of my ancient laptop, but now i finaly ordered a new one..but unfortunately i got a message that the one i selected isnt on stock and they dont know how long i have to wait till they get one so they recomended another one - even cheaper one. The problem is that the dedicated graphic card is AMD Radeon and i know that SL is using OpenGL and AMD dosn't likes that. And personaly i don't like AMD, i wanted Nvidia and the one i choosed was better then this. But i'm also not too familiar with AMD...that's why i need help to decide: wait i dont know how much till ill be able to login to SL again or take a risk with AMD.. This is what i was ordering: Laptop Acer E1-570G-33214G1TMnii, Intel® CoreTM i3-3217U 1.80GHz, 4GB, 1TB, nVidia GeForce GT 740M 2GB, Linux, Iron And this is what they recomended for me insteed: Laptop Acer Aspire E1-572G-54204G75Mnii, Intel® CoreTM i5-4200U 1.60GHz, Haswell, 4GB, 750GB, AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2GB, Linux note: i love acer, i'm on low budget, but i don't like amd
  3. I'm with you on this Pam...and not only have hope but i do have good feelings about this new CEO, and that's a first (and now i start to keep my fingers cross too). He and his team will obviously need some time to positively change SL and the MP, but with all that "MS Office" and "Yahoo" background i think the focus will be moved from SL's gaming edge to the mature usage. I do hope he will get in contact with merchants ASAP and implement some improvements. I do hope it won't be SL-business-killer over night TOS changes, and maybe some former mistakes can be corrected. And now i put my happy pills away, go back to my RL skepticism, but in SL ill keep my hope in this case till the contrary.
  4. Filling a ticket didn't helped, i was keep getting off-topic answers they were only rushing to close the case (which i didnt let) but not to solve it, and i was thinking that must be something with those US laws, but i never got that letter from LL and i wasnt requested to send them more info... i think ill call...(thank you for that Skype option, i wasnt thinking to that) what pissed me more is this "unfortunately we are unable to disclose or discuss the exact reason for the decline" - how on earth is this possible..it's my account, therefor i have all the rights to be informed about all details or issues or anything regarding my account. It's insane..and Min..i'm not from US either Update: ok, i just called the support, they asked me to answer a few questions and the lady told me to try again the process credit..let's see if works this time..
  5. Last Update (02.07.13) - Problem Solved, my process-credit was approved!!!! Thank you for the advice, calling support helped, as i said earlier i was asked to answer a few question and the lady told me to try the cashout again, and finaly i got my money to Paypal! Ok, this will be a long story. i have some cashout issues, my credit process to Paypal was denied twice. I use to take out some money from SL for some time now, but i never had issues till now. My first unsuccesfull attempt was around Xmas, and the second was now in July. First i got this e-mail: "We are unable to complete your Process Credit request at this time. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons: - account status, - geographic location, - undisclosed potential risk factors. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose or discuss the exact reason for the decline. You are welcome to resubmit your request in 2 weeks time, at which point the transaction will be re-evaluated." I know there were changes i august, and i was re-reading all help files, TOS and i coulnt find what problem might be with my account, and as i said i did cashout prior without problems. I decided to try again..and i got this message: "Your recent request to process USD credit from your Second Life account balance to a PayPal account has been denied. We have now returned the credit to your Second Life account balance. In order to process credit out of the Second Life system, your account must be in compliance with the Terms of Service. Your account is currently in need of action or review. Please contact us so that we can assist you." I followed the instruction, and i was filling out a support ticket asking for assistance, as i realy don't know what i'm missing..i don't know why my account isnt ok with the TOS. (i was acctually giving all my billing infos, years ago, nothing changed) and i was hoppig to get help by Lindens, but all i got as a respons is to try to cashout again if i want but they cant disclose the issue. And the funny thing is that i wanted to cashout only around $40..(to pay my net hosting via paypal from that) not even a huge amount of money. I'd really apreciatte any kind of ideas what to fill out, what i'm missing.. cus i was reading the TOS, reading the SL help file, was reading everything i found on the net but still don't know whats wrong. and im clueless now..and it's killing me!
  6. The first edition of the Dirty Tour Photo Contest is now officially over..and even if id liked to see more entry i'm happy to announce the Winners...yes, you heard it right, i was so glad to have ppl coming here and taking pics i have decided that both the 1st and 2nd place will get 1000-1000 linden. And the winners are.. (*drumbeat): StrangeCat Gothly and Trip Enchanted! Congrats! PS: And i would like personally to thank you for participating in this contest and hope to see you around with some other occasion again! IsisRea Diavolo
  7. Diavolo Creations and Dirty Waves Radio are calling you to win L$1000!!! I want to do a decent website and I’d like to have great pictures for that, so I decided to organize the DIRTY TOUR photo contest. The contest will be running between 01.05-31.05 (aka May) and all you have to do is to submit one or more amazing photo taken at Dirty Waves/Diavolo Creations land. I’ll pick the winner and will be completely subjective (no offense) and I’ll announce she/he personally but I will also announce it in the group. The winner will get L$1000, the second L$500. If will be other stand out pictures that I will like a lot but can’t call it a winner I’ll reward with a Diavolo Creations store card of L$250. It is entirely within my discretion. Rules: - you can make any kind of picture (funny, environmental, artistic, with avatars on, without avatars on etc….), you can leave it as snapshot or edit in Photoshop or Gimp - to submit your entry you have to put your picture(s) in a notecard together with your Second Life user name and drop it in the mailbox from the main store or send your picture (with your Second Life user name) via e-mail to isisrea.diavolo@gmail.com - the deadline is on 31.05.2013 at midnight SLT - people from my friendlist can't win this contest (sorry folks, I love ya but wouldn'tbe fair – now go ahead and unfriend me :P ) Please note: participating in this contest your giving me full rights to use your pictures in-world and on web (for example on the upcoming website, on Dirty Waves Facebook page). Dirty Waves HQ
  8. Are you a SCRIPTOR or ANIMATOR or a 3D MESH CREATOR? Diavolo Creations is looking for YOU! If you find doing these things as a hobby and if you would like to cooperate creating new cool stuffs we should talk. I’m in SL for a long time, my brand is well established since 2009 and I was always doing it for fun. I was trying to provide good quality and low price items (mostly grunge/urban style). I love to offer freebies and utile stuffs. I have basic scripting and 3d creating knowledge, but I’m looking for people who can make it better then me. We can find many ways to cooperate, and I do not want exclusivity from u. How we can work together??? I can offer you free a vendor space and advertising, a home to live, one time fix payment for the full perm product you do for me, or percentage from the sales, or franchise with 99% going to you. You can also get any of my stuffs for free, plus custom texture works for you. And of course many more things, just tell me what you’d like. It’s like: I’ll do what I know and you’ll do what you know and we share it and help out each other. No time limits, RL alike responsibility or other bull**bleep**, just creativity and fun.. I’ll respect your term of use, and no, I wont share or give away your creations full perm and I wont take it out from Second Life to use on other grid. What I CAN’T offer is: I can’t and I won’t pay you for hours. I can’t/won’t pay many thousand lindens for you work and I won’t charge many thousand lindens for my end product. If you are still interested leave IM to IsisRea Diavolo or send e-mail to isisrea.diavolo@gmail.com.
  9. Agree.... and it's funny, 'cus this supposed to be SL where anybody should live it's own fantasy without being asked to reveal anything from it's RL.
  10. I do sell much more on Marketplace too, but i also have income from my inworld store...(maybe 'cus im selling buildings and furniture and decoration stuffs). I never uploaded all my stuffs on the marketplace and most of my promo or discounted offers are available only inworld. I also noticed that some ppl were visiting my inworld store after shopping from Marketplace, but some of them were shopping on MP after they have been in my inworld shop. My inworld shop isn't and i think will never be profitable, but i like to have it. As a customer i do start shopping on Marketplace, but if i like a creator i use to visit their inworld shop too, and when im buying furniture i always go to test it first.
  11. Thank you all for the quick response and advice! I think i will contact the guy and will ask him to be more specific (cus id really like to know why he was so disappointed), and i wont fret myself cus of this one review..after all..i'm building only cus i love to build..and i think you are all right: if someone will be intrigued will read not only the review but my comment too and will go and check out the building in world. I'd just wish if the comments would be more visible.
  12. I'm curious about your opionion about a Marketplace review i got the other day. I'm an old merchant, but it's the first time i was getting a 1 star review without knowing the real issue the customer had. He was only saying that one of my ol' and best selling stuff is a junk and suggested to otthers to don't buy it. I left a comment, but you all know that comments arent too visible and this 1 star review is still bugging me, cus even before i had a rez-platform where people can see my things before buying i was always showing them if they asked me just to be sure they are paying for what they want. Unfortunately, non of those from who i got good feedback left review and now i don't know how to handle this. I wouldnt be pissed if the guy would be more explicit, but i don't feel it fair saying only "not to buy 'cus don't worth it". What do you think? Should i contact the guy and ask him to be more specific about his disapointment in his review, to flag the review or to leave it as it is and hope that ppl wont run away scared from that review without seeing the building inworld. This is the review: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/2392989/reviews/3416428#comments
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