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  1. While I can't comment knowledgeably regarding relative 'efficiency' (time / memory) - I would like to offer my more 'style-related' opinions (even if they might be partially just reiterating comments made above). Personally - since even before "OOP paradigms" and associated techniques such became all the buzz (yeah, I've been coding that long >g<), I've leaned strongly towards getxxx() / setxxx() functions / methods / &c.; this is largely due to the priority I place on 'maintainability', ergo *my* resources (time / effort / &c.) are generally more valuable than those on any machine. Using functions / methods make it much easier (as mentioned previously) to adapt your code when you realize at a later date you need it to do something more / different (and really, who amongst us can honestly say they've forseen *every* future need of a piece of code ?). Also - makes it *much* easier to find / identify / distinguish 'read' vs. 'write' access to various items. I just feel it's "good style" all-round. Further - though there *are* occasions that it becomes necessary to "get down to the metal" and tweak code with the utmost attention to such details - in my experience, most things that are suited for coding in a scripted language do not fall in such categories, and 'maintainability' is a much greater concern. Also, in the vast majority of coding of any sort - considering different algorithms usually brings a greater "yield" than other techniques. While a bit tangential - hope you find this useful ! Be well & enjoy - - Jake
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