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  1. my partner broke up with me and my ave still has his name. How do i get my own original avatar name tag back
  2. the problem in a group profile ( that I have) is only in one particular group.. the function of selecting a member name to either add a new role title or change it does not work properly . The names and titles do not appear in the group roster on the general tab. Also, I have found no clear step-by-step instructions as to how exactly to do this procedure... it evidently is necessary to exactly do the steps in a specific order when adding or changing new roles and new role titles. Does anyone know where I may find the insructions step-by-step???
  3. are there any effective SL ad agencies? looking to promote club presence..
  4. I dragged an item from inventory onto my land and it did not rez. I thought it returned to my inventory but it was not in the inventory. I searched ALL folders and also used key words from the item name and title. I asked the region manager/owners and they searched also. The item was GONE nowhere to be found. They suggested I file a ticket w/LL ..so I am filing a complaint about lost inventory item with no hopes of item's return. Where do these items go?
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