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  1. It makes me question the new owners of Linden Labs. After all they are a finance company and financial company want money in the investment they bought. It really doesn't make sense as to why they can't wait at least a month to give us a proper notice or at least stagger the increase for us. As I said, I want Second Life to grow and improve on the infrastructure, but doing it in a proper and timely manner. I'm very worried in where the direction is going. 😞
  2. I see. Why wasn't plausible to share the information? I assume there were talks being made and when you decided to do it and work on these changes that could have been the time to share it? It would be great to have a transparent relationship with both staff and the community. The reason why most consumers get upset with companies in general is because there isn't any transparency between consumer and staff. It seems there is changes without at least notifying consumers well advance. I've seen it happen on many online gaming companies, and I have seen the backlash it puts onto people.
  3. Ah! So what made Premium version easy and the buyer fee difficult? Also, since you said it took a long time to implement it on the buyer fee, why not announce it that you were planning on making the increase?
  4. Since it's hard to implement on a fee change. I assume premium fee was just as difficult to do since it is connected to everything as well. I guess what I am confuse is why was it plausible to give us an advance notice on Premium but not on the Buyer Fee?
  5. Is there anyone from the team that can share that information to you? At least the cost it would need to run for 1 sim.....sorry @Patch Linden, I mean REGION! ❤️
  6. That's totally understandable for how to implement it, but why couldn't there be a 30 day notice to activate the increase? So if you announce on April 15th the changes to the fee, why not activate it on May 17th which falls on a Monday? At least this would give the community a better chance for sharing feedback about the changes, and if down the line you found something useful form our suggestion it could be made without affecting the schedule.
  7. I'm not sure if it is possible for it to be done, but would it be possible to share the cost factors to the community. The expenses that it takes to run on AWS server.
  8. I know something like this isn't easy to do. I know the amount of work that it takes and the coding it needs for it to work. I just thought there was something in-place already to help reduce cost when everything got transition to AWS. 😄
  9. By the way, @Reed Linden Why were we informed last minute? The changes will take affect on April 22nd. Which is a one week notice. I have seen other notices that were 30 days notice or even longer than that when price changed for the Premium.
  10. I agree, he's criticizing our suggestions and yet he hasn't made any. We aren't here to tell them to not do it all, we just feel the timing isn't the best time to do it or at least break it up to get to that percentage.
  11. I'm saying when it comes to avatars, not scripts.
  12. That is true it would still end up in the same. However; it would still give users time and adjustment. Making it easier on the consumer level since most of us are still recovering. If this was pre-pandemic I think most of us would be okay with the 7.5 increase. It would put more pressure on us from purchasing lindens if this major jump happens now.
  13. That is correct. I'm referring to region hibernation feature. I'm sure it could be defaulted on, not sure why they would need to turn it off if no one is on the region. The region would turn back on as soon as someone teleports to that region. Think of it as a light switch. There's technically power running to the light, but the switch blocked the circuit from giving it power. When you need the light on you flick a switch and it shows up. In retro spec it would be the same thing except no switches.
  14. I understand. I thought it was already implemented before switching to AWS. Also what about this comment I made.
  15. I can understand AWS servers are expensive, but wouldn't it reduce the cost down? I'm sure not all users are on a region at the same time. Isn't there some type of code that is implemented that puts that region into sleep-mode and when a user comes into that region it wakes up from being in sleep mode? I've seen this happen in another virtual world where they reduce the cost by putting the land in sleep-mode if it isn't being used.
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