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  1. Oh you didn't have to go to the trouble of doing any testing yourself, unless you had the time Thanks anyway. Maybe I should play around with the various settings. Thanks anyway
  2. I think it is a viewer thing. There must be a setting in the viewer which loads pages within draw distance twice, or it is a bug.
  3. Just to give some context: I have two skyboxes located 100m apart from each other. Each skybox contains a shared media prim, which shows half the information needed to do something inworld. So when 2 players go to the respective skyboxes, the shared media prims load the page, and each player sees half the solution. They then have to work together to figure out the answer, and then they have to click on a prim (out of a number of possible prims) inworld, resulting in various forms of feedback depending on if the correct prim was clicked or not. It's kind of like a multiple choice test, but where players need to get clues from a webpage, and then work together to provide the answer. Anyway, I was testing with my main account and an alt account. Further to your suggestion, I reduced my draw distance to be less than 128m, and this has resulted in each page being loaded only twice, instead of 4 times (as was the case before). This confirms that the presence of another avatar with large draw distance caused the page to reload because of him. In any case, the current situation is of course better, but it is STILL loading twice in quick succession from the same llSetPrimMediaParams, for no apparent reason. I guess I will just have to live with it. Many thanks for trying anyway
  4. Thanks for replying. I am aware of the second load when in edit mode, because on pages that have audio, I hear it twice if in edit mode (once on prim, and once in "edit"). However, my situation is not in edit. I simply have llSetPrimMediaParams in state_entry() event, declared once. The php code on the webpage adds a new record to a database everytime the page is run. That code is not in any kind of loop, yet I always find two records instead of one. The code also does other stuff, but I find two attempts at the other stuff, but often only half of the other stuff gets done for the first of the two attempts, which indicates that the page is being reloaded. I don't think there is a problem on server, because if i load page from external browser I don't get this problem.
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to a problem I have been facing. I am using llSetPrimMediaParams to load a php web page. The problem is, it seems the page is loaded 2 or 3 times. This doesn't matter for most pages, but for the specific page I am loading it does matter. How do I make the prim load the page once, and only once? (Btw I am not executing the llSetPrimMediaParams line more than once). Your help is much appreciated. :) - Ruuh
  6. It's a shame that he last blogs.secondlife.com seemed so overwhelming that I never checked it on a regular basis. Overwhelming in the sense that there were so many categories, and the education category wasn't a prominent one. Thus I missed out on the call for submitting presentation proposals, the deadline for which was mid Feb. Ah well, maybe next year. Looks interesting though. I'll try to attend.
  7. Thanks. I hadn't noticed. Not being sarcastic btw. :smileyhappy:
  8. Try Puppeteer: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Prim-Puppeteer-Prim-Animation-Kit-Vendor-Edition/176833 It should do what you want, and there is a demo version I think.
  9. I think everyone has missed the obvious here. LL, why don't you just make the Display Name a different colour to the User Name (in the name tag), and make this unchangeable. Problem solved! No need for this looooooong comment thread. I don't understand why people are so concerned about impersonation. There are multiple ways to make certain of who you're talking to. Those who can't make the minute effort to perform one of those actions have no one to blame but themselves if they get duped. I know. Everyone is demanding to be treated like children. I mean, to impersonate someone, you not only have to have the same name floating above your head (although that would still not prove you are who your display name says you are, especially if LL implement my suggestion of the different colours), but you'd also have to look like that person, sound like them too, talk in the same way as them, and behave in the way they normally behave. Not easy to do. Let's ask, who is worth impersonating for would-be impersonators? Well, someone is worth impersonating if they can benefit the impersonator financially. So the person being impersonated would have some land or some kind of establishment in-world, or they may have objects of value, or even scripts. Well, if I was wanting to pay someone for something of value, if they are on my friends' list, I'm sure I'd easily be able to spot a faker, but even if I couldn't, I could always make sure I don't pay the person in front of me but rather paying the friend in the friends' list. Now, if it's not a friend, but a total stranger. Well, what are the chances that I bring up the profile of a stranger who is a content creator/landowner and send a message enquiring about their services and for that message to be intercepted by an impersonator who could quickly change display name, voice, attitude, appearance to match?! Not likely, especially if they just changed their display name within the last week in order to con someone else. But what if I didn't contact the right person to begin with? What if I contacted an impersonator in the first place? Well.. since it is a stranger that is being contacted either way, and not a friend, I always ask them to show me their work in front of me to verify that their reputation does not precede them. Even a scripter who sells no-mod scripts can have his identity verified by asking him to do a live demo of his script running in front of you. You can be pretty sure an impersonator would be hesistant at that. However, if the impersonator could rustle up a script to do the job... it isn't likely that talented people would be impersonating in the first place. So could there be impersonation for non-materialistic reasons, e.g. due to a long standing feud with someone. Yes. However, in such circumstances, display names aren't really that significant. Those two people would probably do anything to damage each other, and wouldn't care who else they hurt in the process, and I can think of a few ways they could do that right now, even without display names, so display names won't really make any difference. End of the day, the responsibility is yours to check you don't pay someone who you don't know until you have verified they are who they say they are. If it's a shop owner for example .. even though the chances of interception is minimal, let's say a fake-shop owner comes to assist you for something and then charges (which wouldn't happen if you opened creator profile from object properties window) .. just take some precautionary steps and say "let's conclude this at your shop". The real shop owner would not have a problem taking you to his store, but the impersonator probably would. The display name lasting a week is also a great idea. Impersonators can't impersonate and then change the name and pretend nothing happened. Their deviousness will be visible for a whole week for all to see. In short, don't panic people. Just use common sense, and LL, just make them two names different colours in the name tag. Btw.. sorry for using very large font above .. I don't have time to do a jira, and the bold large text is something LL should see and take notice of IMHO.
  10. Ruuh, do try to keep up, son. I'm not your son. Is this your way of looking down on someone, trying to make yourself feel better? I would bet my English understanding - as well as my reading comprehension - surpass yours considerably Perhaps your English is better, or perhaps not, but I wonder what your basis for your confidence is, considering the minimal interaction we have had. I sense the genetic fallacy, but do correct me if you have any proof otherwise. My basis for saying people didn't seem to understand English was the fact that they were asking questions that had already been dealt with in the blog post. What you failed to answer in your attempt to be "clever" Why did you quote the word "clever"? I am quoting it with justification here, but your usage seems to suggest I don't know what clever actually means. Ad hominem much? if it's so safe, why have the Lindens forbidden the use of their name, when they have not disallowed the use of their name in group tags or titlers? Could it be because they are aware enough to know that it can be used for spoofing purposes? It could. However, think of it rationally. Linden Lab may employ some questionable characters but purely on the basis of probability, there must be at least one sane person in their legal team who'd tell them that this isn't the way to go if indeed your unsubstantiated assumption were to be true. Additionally, what you did is a strawman fallacy. Look it up; your first premise is not necessitated by your second premise. ... By the way, LL has disallowed the use of it's brand by residents in group tags. They simply have not added a technical enforcement mechanism. A simple switch in prefs that say "Allow others to use my User Name as a Display Name " would be sufficient. Do you have a problem with that? No. At no stage did I suggest that I did. This is yet another baseless assumption. Moreover, it is an ad hominem too, suggesting I am against users having the right to determine for themselves about matters related to their own identity. Finally, it is yet another straw man fallacy, because even if I did have a problem with it, it would not have any bearing on the actual security risks. Oh, and stop generalizing and hurling insults based on your own prejudices. You've done this at least a couple times. You have no idea what "most people" in this comment thread understand, or don't understand. Broad generalizations are not helpful. They are arrogant, insulting, and rude. I think of all people, somebody like you would clearly understand that. Hypocrisy much? Also, why is the word "you" italicised? I for one don't like to point the finger. Anyway, my intention is not to make enemies. I just felt compelled to respond to such a ridiculous comment in order to show you that you are doing the very things you are accusing others of. Whatever you respond with, I won't be responding. There is no need continue this "debate" any longer. It's not worth it over such a petty issue. Go in peace and feel free to use Ruuh Cassini as your display name any time (though you probably won't).
  11. There will always be pretenders Alexis, and then there will be the people who are honest and upfront about who they are. However, you are right, people have to be adult about this and just accept that it is their responsibility to not be naive.
  12. If you can't see why it's creative, that's your issue. When you say it's something that no-one asked for.. again, you didn't survey the entire grid so please don't act like you are the only person that matters. I did't ask for display names, but now that I see it, I think it's great. It does that job of a "permanent group tag" .. without tying to a group. I think some people will appreciate that. The entire organisation doesn't need to be bug fixing, and, I do know what it's like to be affected by a bug... I had to wait for 2 or 3 whole months for the shared media on HUD object bug to be fixed. Anyway... the point is, regardless of whether it is "unnecessary" ... it is still not a dangerous feature. It's safe .. if you understand the difference between a username and display name, and treat them as such. Most people in this comment thread clearly don't understand the difference and they clearly didn't watch the video above. One thing you are right about.. money talks. If you pay for it, you accept it. If you hate it enough to not pay them anymore, that's also your choice.
  13. LOL .. you can't turn it off for everyone. That is a client side preference which you set for YOU, not everyone else. You decide how you want to view other people's names, not how they see yours. Even if you turn username visibility off, they will still see it if they don't have it turned off. It's like how you set the sunlight settings... it doesn't affect anyone else. You might say.. well they might turn it off and then a third party might be able to impersonate a fourth party and fool them... well that is their fault for turning off visibility of usernames when they didn't need to ... and even then.. having disabled visibility of usernames for themselves... they could still easily see the username by hovering over the person and looking at the floating info window that appears, and same in profile... you can't turn off visibility of usernames in profile. It's no more dangerous than someone using group tags improperly. I know it's not exact the same.. but there are plenty of safety measures to ensure only the noobiest of noobs get fooled. The key is to explain to everyone how it works.. i.e. during initial orientation. Of course the oldies have their explanation too.. i.e. in the blogs (this post for example), but clearly most of the people commenting here didn't even watch the video, or they don't understand english. :-S
  14. I don't know why people are complaining. Display names not being unique is NOT a problem. If you watched the video above, you'd realise that the username will always be unique. I think its a great idea. I am doing a language based project, and if names can now be changed to be something more appropriate, in their local language, without needing to get a new account.. that's just wonderful. Keep up the creativity LL. Don't listen to people who say every member of your entire organisation should be bug fixing. I am on viewer 2. Have been for almost a year. And I have gotten used to it. It can be done people. Just be patient. Enjoy shared media. That makes it ALL worthwhile. If you can't think of benefits of shared media, I think you need to sit down and have a brainstorming session.
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