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  1. Well what bug me more with this ads its they give good publicity to another game...im buseness owner in sl and traffic on second life grid go down more and more every day...why not they dont make banner for Second Life and send every where (like IMVU)...no they put banner of other game on them own web site....soooo smart
  2. just saw this : Scheduled PayPal Maintenance Thursday 11 PM Pacific [Posted 12:20 PM PST, 06 February 2013] PayPal will be briefly unavailable for a quick round of scheduled maintenance tomorrow, 7 February, beginning at 11 PM PST. During this time, Residents will be unable to add new PayPal agreements. Any transactions entered at the start of the outage will be held and processed after the maintenance is complete. If you are caught mid-transaction by the outage, please do not resubmit it until after maintenance has concluded, and unless you’re notified that the transaction has failed. Service should be restored within an hour. As always, if the scope or schedule of the work changes, we’ll update you here. They dont talk about cash out delay but maybe...
  3. cash out = 01/28/2013 Still nothing on paypal 02/05/2013 Someone have any idea what going on???
  4. Je souhaite ne pas etre obliger d'utiliser ma devise..sinon ouch les taxes
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