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  1. This has been happening to me over and over again for last few days. Any ideas? never had it occur before. no where near the neighbor parcel.
  2. I checked back today and saw your reply to my question. YES you are right. This was the solution that solved the problem (for now) You do not even have to do a clean uninstall. Just use the SL application's uninstall, find the page in SL website--DOWNLOADS with the two previous versions which are still supported and install the one we had before this awful update. (3.51) Sooner or later one hopes they will fix the problem in the current version. Yes turn Off automatic updates in preferences. (otherwise the viewer will constantly try to download the latest version) It also might be a goo
  3. I am miserable with exactly the same problem and timing. New update--stalls. I walk a few steps, I am momentarily frozen. I am typing in IM..there's a millisecond freeze. Inv search, typing on a notecadr, everything and anything will result in freezes. What is causing this? Is there any hope Linden Lab will fix it? Anything I might do to minimize? Help help. Viewer 3 has always worked perfectly for me. Now I don't even want to log into SL, knowing what's waiting for me. To be stalled/frozen every three seconds is a nightmare.
  4. when i say i cannot Load.. i mean that I cannot install... it stalls in the midst of tranfering the files during the first phase of installation.
  5. I have a computer only a year old: i5 series. Very good machine. But when I try to load the today's newest update of the viewer.. i get messages like cannot write this file, that file (all graphics, plugins write extensions of .dll) What should I do? There are too many "cannot write" to ignore. I uninstalled the old viewer for a clean install of this newest one... so now i cannot log into SL at all. Any suggestions?
  6. What a great holiday gift to the residents of SL--this good news! I had occasion to work with the executives at EA and some of their game developers.. and came away with an appreciation and admiration for them. Probably the most encouraging note in the announcement was the word that he is actively INSIDE SL.. hopefully with an avi.. learning what it's like to live here. EA has a dedication to quality--and I hope that he brings that same attitude toward clean, glitchfree experiences in gaming to SL. What a miracle it would be if we could finally see some improvement in the reducing the dai
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