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  1. thank you Alyona, I really thought that this script was letting me work around that :s ...
  2. Hello everyone... I really hope someone can help me here.. I am renting a place where I need rez things under THEIR group.. I have found a script here ( somewhere that I can't find anymore) that was supposed to be made for that, providing our own group key the problem that I have is that even when doing so and wearing my own group ( as the one referred to with the key) I keep receiving message in chat as not wearing the right group and it dirrect me to my group page to join it (that same one that I am already wearing) here is the script I am trying to use...
  3. thank you so much Orwar xx will give it a shot
  4. Hello, I would like to try and create my own eyes applier with Gimp, but I was wondering what size of of new image should I create ? I was thinking 1000x1000 but not sure if that is ok any tip would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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