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  1. thank you Alyona, I really thought that this script was letting me work around that :s ...
  2. Hello everyone... I really hope someone can help me here.. I am renting a place where I need rez things under THEIR group.. I have found a script here ( somewhere that I can't find anymore) that was supposed to be made for that, providing our own group key the problem that I have is that even when doing so and wearing my own group ( as the one referred to with the key) I keep receiving message in chat as not wearing the right group and it dirrect me to my group page to join it (that same one that I am already wearing) here is the script I am trying to use... could someone PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE point me to what line might be the error so that when people click on the object, if they are part of the group they actually receive the gift ? Thank you very much // Group gift / join script released into public domain by Qie Niangao, 2009. key GROUP_KEY = "a225b7e3-502b-db0d-e470-49524ab431da"; // Get the GROUP_KEY from its web page, found with // Search / All or from // http://search.secondlife.com/web/search/groups/?q="Group Name" // At the bottom of the group's web page is its URL, // the end of the URL is the group's key. string GIVING_MSG = "Thanks for your interest, and please enjoy your gift!"; string JOIN_MSG = "You need to be a member of the group to get the gift. If you're not a member, type Control-H to get the chat history, and click on the following blue-highlighted text, then Join. "; string NOT_ACTIVE_MSG = "Or perhaps you're already a member and just don't have this group active at the moment; if so, click on the following text, choose the group from the list, and Activate. "; string FOLDER_NAME = "Gift from JANUS"; // ____________________________________________ // END OF STUFF MOST USERS WOULD WANT TO CHANGE // -------------------------------------------- string GROUP_URI = "secondlife:///app/group/"; list giftContents; default { state_entry() { // In lieu of other specs, we'll just give everything in the object's inventory except this script // in a new folder named FOLDER_NAME. integer invIdx = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL) - 1; string scriptName = llGetScriptName(); for (; invIdx >= 0; invIdx--) { string invItemName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, invIdx); if (invItemName != scriptName) giftContents += invItemName; } if ([] == giftContents) state no_contents; else llWhisper(0, "Will give folder named \"" + FOLDER_NAME + "\" containing these items: " + llDumpList2String(giftContents, ", ")); } changed(integer change) { if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change) llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { key toucher = llDetectedKey(0); if (llSameGroup(toucher)) { llInstantMessage(toucher, GIVING_MSG); llGiveInventoryList(toucher, FOLDER_NAME, giftContents); return; } llInstantMessage(toucher, JOIN_MSG + GROUP_URI + (string)GROUP_KEY + "/about\n" + NOT_ACTIVE_MSG + GROUP_URI + "list/show"); } } state no_contents { state_entry() { llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Nothing to give; please add one or more gift items."); } changed(integer change) { if (CHANGED_INVENTORY & change) llResetScript(); } }
  3. thank you so much Orwar xx will give it a shot
  4. Hello, I would like to try and create my own eyes applier with Gimp, but I was wondering what size of of new image should I create ? I was thinking 1000x1000 but not sure if that is ok any tip would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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