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  1. Thank you too, Rolig! We will have him check this; I know that he does use FS, at least part of the time. I appreciate you sharing this information!
  2. Thank you, Madelaine! I had not even thought of this as a possibility, but I can see that it certainly could be the reason for this avatar - especially since he is the only one reporting the problem. I will have him check this. I really appreciate your thoughts on this issue!
  3. Why does one specific avatar always have trouble dancing with our Intan when all others have no trouble? We have asked most everywhere with no result. The avatar in question never receives the "Animate Avatar?" question after first clicking for the dance balls. Other single and couple dancers do not report this problem. We have checked scripts, settings, etc., to no avail. Thank you for any help!
  4. I'm new to posting a possible "bug," so I thought I'd just ask my question here to see if anyone has any information. My partner and I are not the only ones having this issue right now (our Events postings do not show in the in-world Search), and I am quite curious to know more about it and do what I can to get it fixed. Thank you!
  5. Stella, I have been having that issue as well (with V3 and FireStorm). I know others with it as well. It appears to be a glitch somewhere with those recent releases, and I have reported my experience to LL, as have some others I know. We tried a range of Preference and other settings - to no avail. I am hoping the issue will be resolved with the next update...and I am hoping it will be soon! Be well and enjoy the new year! Mireille
  6. Thank you, PeterCanessa, for that really great explanation of how SL really works - and why we should not compare it to computer games. It irritates me to hear people speak about SL as a "game," anyway - for to me, it is so much more than that. Of course, everyone is welcome to view it in whatever way they please - and SL is fun! *smiles* I do appreciate your posting and will share the information with others. Thank you! Mireille
  7. Hi, Crystal! You are not alone! This has happened to me and another resident I know. It's weird and frustrating, as we have tried many things (settings, etc.) to make a difference, and it just persists. We also cannot view the upper levels of terrain textures appropriately. So...wish we could go back! I will be sure to keep up on this...and have asked for input from LL. Wll let you know if I learn anything. Best to you! Mireille
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