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  1. Downloaded the new version of the sl viewer 3.2.4. but the water now looks wrong. It looks more like it would if I was on the lowest graphics setting. I usually use the high setting for graphics and that is what sl recommends for my computer. I have tried un installing the viewer and then reinstalling. Using the environmental settings I cannot get the water to change at all...there are no surface features to it. I have tried firestorm and the water looks fine. I also tried a different computer and the water problem is still there. I have rebooted my computer...still there. Is this a glitch with the new viewer version or is it just me? Help!!! ok FIXED! For anyone else out there here is what i did. I found some updates to my ati radeon 5750 graphics card that were listed as optional. for some reason when i had my computer check to see if i had the current updates it said yes but this is one i didnt have yet. after downloading it I now have the water reflections back as well as the terrain textures looking right again. Good luck!!
  2. i am using viewer 2 and i have also tried phoenix. the crash usually happens after being on sl for at least 10 minutes but has happened right after logging on too.
  3. i am crashing over and over. i have a new computer from gateway. windows 7 home premium 64 bit OS. intel i7 CPU. 8 GB ram. the graphics card is an ATI radeon HD 5750. in sl i have a large inventory of about 60,000 items. my graphics in sl seem to default to high which is what i usually leave them at. the only mod i make is my rendervolumeLOD i set higher than default. usually 4.0 or 8.0. but the setting doesnt seem to change the crashing, i am crashing over and over especially when in a crowd. but often when i am alone on a quiet sim. i have tried updating my video card drivers. i have tried clearing cache.i have tried lowering my graphics. i have tired removing all my attatchments. i usually use viewer 2 but i have tried phoenix. i have tried changing my bandwidth. i have tried changing my cache size. when i crash i just instantly pop out with no warning such as a white screen . the crash report option is not always there for the crash. i am not running many other things on my computer. i usually have yahoo messenger open. no internet browser open. my anti-virus/security is norton security suite from comcast. i have a broadband internet connection thru comcast. my speedtest.net results are ping 13 ms, download speed is 20.89 Mbps and the upload is 3.7. when i watch task manager while in sl( the processes tab.. the memory(private working set)) when the number for sl gets up to about 1,500,000 K is when i crash. my cpu usage is usually less than 12%. my hard drive is huge with most of it unused. this problem started slow but is increasing to where i crash evertime i am on sl. can anyone help?
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