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  1. Hi Peswold. You are absolutely right, there are some system bugs that are both incredibly frustrating for Residents and drive a lot of support load. One of the encouraging things about the "Back to Basics" strategy Philip outlined at SLCC is that we are getting an opportunity to look at many of these and fix them. All in the name of getting to Fast, Easy, and Fun. You are also right that we aren't being as responsive to cases as we once were, or as we would like to be. A number of blog comments have also called out this fact. That is one of the areas we are looking to improve by undertak
  2. Chariclo, I'm sorry to hear about the delay in responding to your tickets. Those sorts of issues are exactly what we are looking to address with the series of changes we are kicking off. We have been having challenges with our livechat service today and have been working to resolve them as quickly as we can. You can keep track of the live chat status on the Status Blog (http://status.secondlifegrid.net/), which is linked from the right-hand side of the Support Portal.
  3. While we won't have a tool for every issue out the gate, we're actively looking for areas to expand the Resident tool set, and inventory tools are definitely on our list of areas to explore. I'm not certain what you mean about Premium Residents being "murdered," but Premium Residents do not have their inventory purged after several months of delinquency and non-payment.
  4. Premium accounts do not lose their inventory if they are delinquent and non-paid for several months. Excellent question, Mari. As we say in the blog post, we are looking at our entire support offering, re-examining everything we do. Exploring various ways in which Residents could qualify for various levels and types of support is definitely a part of that process. I expect the case type modifications to be the first step in a sustained series of changes.
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