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  1. why are all these folders open when I look at my landmark inventory?
  2. @Negotium Quan; I agree that land prices are too low Let us differentiate between land prices and tier prices. A "buy-back" policy for abandoned land in mainland areas makes perfect sense when looked at in a basic supply and demand view. I am not so sure that demand has changed so much as the fact that there is too much mainland supply. This in large part is due to the emphasis and moves to private regions. Private regions are fine BUT you cannot explore private regions the same way you can "explore" mainland ("exploring" used to be one of the prime interests in SL). As part of a "buy-back" policy some of this land could be converted to protected status or made into water(or something else), in turn enhancing adjacent land values. I expect that someone who pays 300$ a month tier is more valued by LL than one who only pays 8$ a month however there must be 1000 people willing to pay 8$ for every one who pays 300$. Do the math and don't forget the little guy.
  3. Doesn't Linden Labs realize they have basically destroyed the mainland realestate market with the policy of selling abandoned land for 1L$ per sq. meter?
  4. Check to see if you are still donating land to a group. You get billed as if you own land for all land donated even if you own zero land
  5. In the latst SL viewer I can't seem to scroll all the group role abilities...specifically I cannot bring up Accounting box to determine who pays for group liabilities. Is this just me?
  6. How can I set it so only I pay group liability? Thankyou bee but the new viewer only lists 8 group "ability" options and the one concerning group liability is not one of them i found that all group ability options are not showing on the lastest viewer....if i type in "Accounting" in the search in the ability area it comes up
  7. when this happened to me I eventually discovered that my avi was not wearing any "hair" body part....when I put on a baldy my avi re-appeared
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