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  1. I have a club too and visit lot of live events and noticed all clubs has less visitors. Dont know the reason, maybe less ppl in SL or at other time online then me (Europe) or because its holiday season and people prefer to stay outside more. One of my friends has a shop that sells animations and she told business still goes well, so if you good at makeing animations you can try that.
  2. thanks Lizard it worked thank you too Sassy
  3. the reason is that the bank add a fee for payments that is in other valuta below a certain anmont. With i pay a tier from about 18 usd they add 2.5 euro extra. If i pay once in a while directly to my account then i dont have to pay that fee every month.
  4. The creditcard you place under billing is used to for buying Lindens or pay your monty Tier. But i want to buy USD so my creditcard isnt used for Tiers unless i havent enough USD in my account. Is there a way to increase my USD without first buy and then selling Lindens?
  5. Is always have some USD in my sl accounto pay for the land tier. Now i buy Lindens with my CC and then sell it to get USD in my SL account but is there a way to buy directly USD to my SL Account? Now i pay 2 times a fee (for seling Lindens and for buying Lindens) and you get less USD for lindens then when you buy it. So it would be handy if i could buy directly USD for in my sl account or to have a option to split wha ti buy for example 50% lindens and 50% USD for in my SL account.
  6. I had the same problem after installing the latest update. I fixed the black texture problem with uninstall secondlife, Update my graphic card drivers and install Second life again. Only problem i still have is that some of the sculpty objects not good rez (they keep looking like a donut/torus) Even after uninstall install again some settings didnt get removed. Looks like the uninstall didnt remove everything.
  7. thanks this was the page i was looking for but couldnt find
  8. In the old forums/blogs there where several RRS feeds. I often did use it to see what was new but i cant find them anymore. Does anyone knows on which page all RSS Feeds stand for the forum/blog?
  9. Hi all, I have a question about communication between prims. What function can be used to communicate between 2 prims in 2 different sims without using a external server? i did read somewhere (but cant find it anymore) that it can be done with llEmail but thats its not reliable.
  10. Like previous answer already told with llSetPrimitiveParams you can workaround the 10m limit. A good example of this is the WarpPos function (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/WarpPos) If i have to move an object more then 10m i often use this function. its also handy for long range teleporters because it can TP to 4000m Up
  11. Thanks, I did read about lot of problems with the new series of Nvidea card (GTS1XX and GTS2XX) But sounds like they solved it
  12. Hi all, Does someone know if SL Works good on the desktop pc wit this specs? - Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit - Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz 8M - 2 x 2048 MB A-Data  DDR3/1333 - Palit GeForce GTS250 512MB DDR3 I don't see the geforce GTS250 in the list with supported video card. thanks in advance
  13. Thanks didn't think about that option but that will work.
  14. Thanks for your suggestion but the problem isn't giving a notecard but the next owner has to change the notecard (full perm) in a no mod prim (used the notcard for configuration options). But i solved it another way. I made a script that when the Change event(shape/size) trigger certain properties i don't want that the next owner can change is set back to my values. (used llSetPrimitiveParams to do this)
  15. So as told in previous post TimedBan can only be done thru script. If you want more information about it look here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlAddToLandBanList
  16. The problem is that the object is 'no modify' and i don't want to give the next owner modify permissions on the object. The next owner could then change some object options (like path cut and top shear) what will give problems with the scripts. Is it so that if you have scripts with configuration notecards that you always have to give modiy permissions on the object?
  17. Hi all, I made a object with script and notecards in it. The object is copy-only (object is no modify) but the notecards are all full permissions (copy, modify and transfer) But when i give the object to another person that person can't open the notecard. That person also don't get a warning that they don't have enough permissions and if they check the permissions on the notecard they see they have all permissions. How can i set a object on 'No Modify' and the notecards on full permissions and people still can open the notecards? (is this maybe changed witht the update of yesterday?) thanks
  18. if you can transfer it you can do a garage sale. Have seen that before in sl other ppl can nice things for cheap and you earn a little what you else throw away
  19. if you have enough L$ you can sell a part to Linden. (your account -> linden exchange -> manage -> Sell L$) Linden will then add the USD to your account.(you can check it under 'Account summay' - US Dollar balance. When you have to pay your Tier Linden checks first if there is money (USD only not L$) in your account and if there is USD in your account Linden will take that first and if thats not enough get the rest from your creditcard/paypal.
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