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  1. Aw Thank You Rolig Hey, with enough invention we'll be getting vehicles with 4 different wheels!
  2. Yes. Circular is what i'm looking for because my of Next Idea, which, btw, is sacret, for now. There is still a bug in this here. When you click thru... it's producing [a][z] and [a][y][z].
  3. In your case, maybe having more than 1 script is the way to go. You have a main script in the hud/object. And sell 'add-on' scripts seperately. Each one of these scripts has it's own particle settings. That way you might make more L$
  4. Thanks again I gave both of you credit in my final posting on the wiki https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Ackley_Bing/List2DialogButtons
  5. The Formula was 100% correct!! But not needed because SL has % !!! :catlol:
  6. Your wrap does the trick. Thanks to everyone here is what I finally came up with. list Gdummylist=["a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z"];integer Gindex;list List2DialogButtons(list chain, integer i){ list buttons; integer j=llGetListLength(chain); if (j>12) buttons = ["<<",llList2String(chain,(i+9)%j),">>"] + wrap(chain,(i+6)%j,(i+8)%j) + wrap(chain,(i+3)%j,(i+5)%j) + wrap(chain,i,(i+2)%j); else { integer k; do buttons+=llList2List(
  7. Thanks Nova This a lot less crazy yet i'm still getting button ordering like [a] [y] [z].
  8. Yes. Also I made the script seamlessly connect the end with the beginning, with no gaps For example: x,y,z,a,b,c,d,e... instead of just x,y,z. Ordering is fine: [a] [b] [c][d] [e] [f][g] [h] [i][<] [j] [>][j] [k] [l][m] [n] [o][p] [q] [r][<] [s] [>] Up until the end, where it does this: [s] [t] [u][v] [w] [x][a] [y] [z][<] [b] [>] Notice the buttons, a,y,z. The problem is in the wrap(). I will fix it with enough trial and error... I am no mathematician. I was hoping there might be some standard math equation to do this instead of my crazy formula. integer wrap(integer x,i
  9. I made this script which resulted in me having to make a wrap() function for numbers that exceed a maximum. I'm not a mathematician, but I wrote this crazy formula myself. It seems to work, but now that I almost finished with my script, it seems to be giving incorrect results. Does anyone know of a standard math equation to do the same thing? Or how I can fix this formula? // List2DialogButtons() for llDialog use // example: llDialog(id,"",List2DialogButtons(Gdummylist,Gindex),1); // Uses "<<" & ">>" dialog buttons for navigation list Gdummylist=[&
  10. You should use 1 script, unless you know that multiple scripts are going to be more effective or efficient. If I was going to make what you are talking about, I'd only use 1 script.
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: TV was a forbidden object in my home until very recently. Even though I now own a very large HDTV, it's not connected to an antenna and I don't have cable. I sometimes watch movies on it, but mostly watch TED talks and YouTube videos of puppies and kittens. I don't mind at all that TV is forbidden here. ;-). Realy... ?!?! My SL *is* my only TV. In RL, i would totally die if it was banned. And then i would have to Protest.
  12. Pamela Galli wrote You have been told why: it is an anti-griefing tool. Throw away alts are not likely to have given their real life info to LL. You grief your own potential, if there is any grief at all.
  13. The Vibe of Vegas 181.fm seems to be popular with a lot of places i've been to in SL, so I even use it on my own land. It does has some ads, but not too bad
  14. SL is the stepping stone to anything that will replace it imho. You may be out of step if you're intending to do anything with Sansar, if you arent familiar with the "late' SL.
  15. Your private parts are also not so private in SL. Does that mean we should require you to wear see-thru underpants? :smileylol:
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