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  1. I am still asking why they have changed the TOS n o w? I found something interesting what possibly could confirm one of reasons what I have in mind, but read here http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/195975/ http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/196498/ Probably next time you will find the best SL contents in Desura, but hey not for free. :matte-motes-nerdy: Sorry but I couldn't resist .... I know there are residents who still believe in the good of LL http://allthingsd.com/20130705/fifteen-questions-for-linden-lab-ceo-rod-humble-about-second-lifes-tween-years/ remember our "sensitive commun
  2. WE as creators/merchants who care for the whole TOS mess could stop uploading and building, deactivating our products on MP just for three days. What do you think would happen? No marketplace sales for three days or even maybe a week? If customer still want to shop they could do that in world, so where is the problem to organize such a protest? I mean, what is SL with no residents who won't be creative and shop? Does it rings the bells?
  3. What springs in my mind is the following. How bad must be the SL business ? Since we have no longer any reports about their business, nor stats about sims or true active members we can assume only. Understandable is that the best running SL products are meshes. BUT there are other websites where you can upload your work for ZERO Dollar/Euros and sell your products, why should creators/merchants stay in SL then? And does it make sense to label templates as semi exclusive any longer and to pay high prices? It is the most idiotically business decision I have seen. Anyway maybe it is just because
  4. Hiyah chic and others. @Chic You are right thats for sure of course they do have database backups. BUT I haven't seen anything in the TOS were they mentioned that the content parts only counts after the August 15h? I understood it's retroactive as well... I am wondering about the guys who are flooding the complete SL forum with their escort crap and it seems nobody cares for , but it's like with the TOS most haven't read them and don't care. In case LL is reselling their stuff for much more as the content creator got in SL; the whining and frustration will grow. Only jerks would pay a comp
  5. http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/mesh-deformer-and-standard-sizes-qarl-speaks/
  6. the hype about smart mesh isn't the big deal, it simply doesn't works only if you are very skinny, big boobs and butts will be shown through these creations, I checked this out, body fat and height is not the problem . Anyway the current running discussion and development about the mesh deformer is interesting and shows that the topic about standard sizes won't be solved soon. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post a blog link here, but I found this interview about this topic very interesting. Who likes to read about mesh deformer interview
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this informations.
  8. Hat jedoch nicht jeder viewer, kommt drauf an welchen Viewer Du nutzt.
  9. Das hat manchmal was mit den Suchbegriffen zu tun die du eingibst, dann wird automatisch gefiltert (vielleicht waren da ja Begriffe drin, die damit wenig zu tun haben oder grundsätzlich gegen die TOS von LL verstossen) und weg isses auf einmal. Ich hatte das auch schon, ich hatte unbedarfter Weise einen Namen benutzt der wohl offenbar einem copyright unterlag, war ja nicht absichtlich. Aber Namen oder Bezeichnungen die geschützt sind, da wird rigeros gehandelt, denk mal an Markennamen wie Ikea...du kannst hier einige Creatoren sehen die dann kurzerhand IGEA oder ähnliches gemacht haben.
  10. Miss Choovio

    Smart mesh

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if there are mesh creators out who create smart mesh cloth templates, because I just saw that someone left a message about smart meshes who will fit automatically to EVERY bodyshape. In case of someone knows more I would be grateful for any information about. Please contact me in world, thank you. I also want to mention my experiences with some mesh creators who are selling mesh templates without showing the UV map. Dear creators, I did waste now few times Lindens for templates who had such a BAD UV map, means the trinangles were so tiny that it was imposs
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