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  1. Feel free to message me inworld and I'll be happy to have a look at your parcel... Have 5 years experience in terraforming and landscaping Sims for folks...
  2. One of the Sims I manage has been subdivided into smaller parcels and the group it was deeded to was deleted. How do we regain land rights to it for the owner? Ok another question... Can a group be reclaimed if it was deleted by the Founder? The parcel still shows it is owned by that group that supposedly does not exist...
  3. Is it possible to build a structure underground in SL and still be able to terraform the ground overhead? Thank you, that is what I thought. I was just "checking" to see if perhaps someone knew something revolutionary with regards to land creation. Gotta love a good Sculptie!
  4. Got the Guy for your job. Zeus Vyper is an awesome Builder and Sim developer. You name it and He can make it happen. He can start with a flat parcel or help you complete a project you ran out of time on. See His work first hand by visiting one of the Sims He created " Twilight Forest " . Tell Him krystal recommended Him to you and you'll get a quick reply. krystallyne Destiny
  5. .... The Estate was recently moved to join up with a Full Sim and now we are finding all sorts of small glitches. Will there smooth out in time or is there something i can do to stabilize things? Yes i have reset the Sim since the move. The Sim is a combat themed place and the bouncing arrows is a new developement. Any suggestions for making the land absorb the arrows better instead of reflecting them?
  6. Is it possible for the Manager to determine if two Sims that have been connected by LL, actually share the same Server? One Sim was (is) an Estate and the other, a Full Sim. They were near to each other and are owned by the same person. Independantly, both Sims functioned quite smoothly and did not have noticeable lag. Since being joined, both Sims performance has dropped noticeably and I am unable to determine an exact cause... Thank you both for your extremely helpful answers, Marigold and Rolig! Wow, it's really pretty cool to be able to see snapshots of your land from the beginning, terrain and object maps from day 1. Now I'm wondering what other nifty bits of information about our region is out there to be had.
  7. Instead of approaching directly and talking about some issues concerning RLV settings, the member chose to post multiple notices of an increasingly disrespectful nature about their opinions of the Estate Managers lack of competency and knowledge of running the Sim. The notices of course were posted in the public group and were extremely childish and outright untrue in the accusations made. The member is a woman in her early 20's who joined SL a year ago and was given a position of limited power on the Sim by the Sim Owner to help with the daily running and assistance of guests when needed. The Manager has been in SL for 4 years and has spent the last 3 years building and managing multiple Sims from day 1 and turning them into reasonably popular destinations with reasonable traffic. The Sim Owner asked the Manager to build and help to run the Sim, doing whatever it takes to make everything flow smoothly. When this event happened, the Manager initially tried to defuse the members increasingly hostile notices by offering solutions to every problem mentioned until it became obvious the member was using the group notices to grief and nothing was going to make them happy. The member was kicked from the group for using the notices in an abusive manner. The harassment immediately continued in private messages until the member was finally muted. After speaking with the Sim Owner about the irrational behavior of the member, the Sim Owner suggests that the Manager throw out the offensive notices and forget about them because they were only written in anger. The member should be reinstated without any farther repercussions and the Sim Owner hopes that things will continue as if nothing happened. The Manager is having a hard time shrugging off slanderous accusations for the simple reason they were undeserved and this member has a history of causing trouble with a growing number of visitors and other members of the group. The temptation to just walk away from the last year and a half of absolute devotion to creating the Sim in question is tremendous. Should the Manager walk, 90% of the Sims props will also be removed and the Sim will be closed. Staying and trying to continue working together with this troublemaker simply to keep the Sim Owner happy is asking for continued future problems from this member. What would anyone else do in the same situation?? Stay... Walk away and let the Sim Owner figure out how to do the Managers job herself and start another adventure elsewhere ?
  8. One of the Sims owners "informed" me that since all the items that were used to build the Sim, are a part of the Sim and no matter who made them, they now are Sim property so will stay right where they are. Now this I find a little amusing since I am the Creator and Owner listed on about 2900 or so prim out of 3000 or so on the entire Estate. I can't help but think if I choose to pick up all of the Prim, owned by me, the Estate is going to become quite barren. In addition to building the props that make up the Estate, all the Terraforming was done by myself exclusively as well. Building this Estate started out as a "favor" to help a friend that has turned into an endless list of things that I could build or otherwise enhance the Estate. There has been no offer of compensation for the work that has gone into the Estate and I have not expected any. Now my friend has a friend who wants to hop in and add to my creations, asking for mod rights in a way that I find pushy and unappreciated. It is to a point now where I think just picking up my items and letting this other friend take over would bring my SL back to an enjoyable place to be instead of a constant frustration and headache. I don't have any need to sell my creations and I have zero intent to give anyone modification rights for my work. I just wanted to know if there was any sort of legal-ese with regards to personal items converting to Estate property in the SL TOS fine print that I was unaware of. I have tried several times to talk about the continued favors being asked of me and the sense of entitlement they seem to feel for my efforts. They clearly have no idea of the $L they have been saving by my gratis work . Now they are pushing me to donate my efforts and let this person I dislike enormously use my work to enhance their own work. Enough is enough, I think just about anyone would also want to throw in the towel and move on.
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