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  1. When items disapear from your inventory, the best thing you can do is clear your cache and relog. Go to Preferences>Network&Cache>Cache Location>Clear Cache. If it has been a long time since this has been done, it may take a long time before the game loads up. Don't fret if this happens, it will eventually load up.
  2. You can put as much as you want into your inventory as every one said, but be warned! Often freebies can be malicious. Really if you don't know what it is, it's best to not to rez it. Another warning, one I have issues with because I am a content creator. When your inventory becomes very full, like over 50,000 items, loading your inventory can take a long time. I highly suggest keeping your inventory well orginized and delete things that have duplicates or you just dont want or need. Keeping a cleaned inventory is very important.
  3. As everyone states, it is likely your internet connection. There are a few thing syou can do to help out though like cleaning up you computer ie: Disk Cleanup. You can also try clearing out your cache by going into Preferences>Network&Cache>Cache Location>Clear Cache. This is sometimes helpful. You also want to go through your Graphic tab and turn things down. Turn your Draw Distance down to about 100 or less, drag down all the Level of Detail sliders, uncheck some of the Shaders. You can also press ctl>alt>D and it will give you the Advanced tab at the top of the screen. Choose Rendering Types and uncheck Tree, Water, Ground, Grass, Clouds, and Particles. This has to be repeated every time you log in. Then again go to the Advanced tab and choose Rendering Features. Un check Foot Shadows and Fog. Once you've done that, it will help a lot with your laging issues. Basically the less you see the less hard it is on your bandwith. Hope this helps. Otherwise contact your internet provider for help strengthening your connection.
  4. If you are using the Phoenix viewer (which I highly suggest), open your inventory box, at the bottom there is an arrow pointing to words saying "Recieved Items". Click that button and whatever you purchased whould be listed there. This is convienant because you can now drag them and drop them into your inventory accordingly etc clothing, objects etc.
  5. There are a few ways to do this. Either link your account with a pay pal account that is already linked to a credit or bank card. Or you can link your account directly to a debit/credit card. Do this through SL.com and your dashboard. Once set up, you should be able to do it in world. Here is a helpful link http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Buying-and-selling-Linden-dollars/ta-p/700107
  6. I've begun switching my MarketPlace items from the magic box to the direct delivery. I was told to open my magic box, move the items to my inventory, delete the scripting, and little by little, drop them into the Merchant Outbox, and then they items (provided they are name accordingly) would associate themselves to the current listing. So I've done this and they have associated themselves and the listing goes from a red highlighted (item unavailable) to the regular listing and the delivery changed from box to direct as it should have. Now the problem. All these items are not Active. When I try to list/activate them, it tells me "Product State Not Changed: Current State Cannot Transition Via "List"" So then I have tried to edit the listing. At the top the Active and Inactive buttons are grey and I cannot change them. So then I tried changing something in the listing like the discription, price, category, or anything with the astric *. Then I hit update and it tells me it is successful. I again try to activate it (list) and it gives me the same message "Product State Not Changed: Current State Cannot Transition Via "List"" What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated especially when I have 508 items needing to transition. Update: I've been through the migration guide. Step for step and I still can't get the items to activate.
  7. So I started this thread back in December of last year. Well here's an update: IT STILL DON'T WORK! Not only doesn't it work, everything I have on the MarketPlace is now gone, unlisted, and poof. Sadly I can't even get all the previous listing information to go away. Meaning each item I listed had information, I can't get the information to go away. I thought if I wiped out my entire store, I could restart. Yeah I was wrong because I can't get the stuff to go away. The inventory is empty, but the listings are still there. I still cannot use the Merchant Outbox for the same exact reason. I have done everything everyone has listed and nothing works. I refuse to send THOUSANDS of items to an alt. Do you have any idea how much work this would be, the hours upon hours I would have to put into it. Seriously it would take me months upon months. I don't have time for that. I have submitted tickets and the whole JIRA thing to no avail. So today I am now begging, please someone (A Linden would be nice) help me. I am having to close my sim down and shutting down my main store due to a drop in sales, so it would be nice to at least list things on the MarketPlace to make a little money to play with.
  8. I have had a MP store since XStreet began, but since the new new features have been released, I have had nothing but problems. First off, I can't use the "Merchant Outbox" it asks me to create a new store and obviously I can't because I already have one. I have jumped through every hoop you could imagine and nothing works. I have a thread here for that an no one can give me any new fixes. Second, I have 428 items on the MP and since the changes, things have just magically dropped off, poof, not listed, unassociated, or unavailable. out of 428 items, 270 are actively listed. Because of these serious MP issues, I'm wondering if it is possible to delete my MP store and start all over again as if I never had one. If this is possible, do you think I would be able to use the "Merchant Outbox" also? I really need help here and no one has been able to give me a straight forward answer, I'm getting desperate and need help. Thank you to anyone who can help resolve my troubles. Huraina Valiant
  9. Well I have done the few things that were suggest in reply to my thread post and still I am at a loss. The "Merchant Outbox" will not work at all. It is still the same. So I am wondering if I figure out a way to delete my Market Place store all together and start completely over, would that work? Is it even possible to delete or get rid of an active Market Place store. Because I am running into a new problem. My items are starting to drop off. Ass of today I have 428 items on Market Place only 270 are listed and active. I'd rather dump them all and start all over again then try to go through all this stuff that has dropped off. I don't even know why they have done so. It's like one day they are there, then next they aren't. So yeah, it will be a ton of work to list everything on Market Place all over again, but this is the route I would rather take. Can anyone help with that one?
  10. Yeah this hoop jumping has been a few months going right now, that's why I resorted to writing a thread. I really don't know what to do from this point. I check daily, some times a few times a day trying get my merchant outbox to work.
  11. Thank you Czari for the link. I am sure that it will be a very well appreciated once I get the "Merchant Outbox" to work. I've also sent it to a few friends in-world as they too have had questions on "how-to". Still in-search of the "Merchant Outbox" sync. Again, thank you. Huraina Valiant
  12. So, as a long time merchant of SLife, I am flustered beyond imagination at this "Merchant Outbox" that is not at all working for me. So here's the deal. My "Merchant Outbox" wants me to make a new account only I have one already. Obvious issue, the thing wont sync with my Market Place account. Shall I jump through hoops? Yes! Lets! Log off, log on, log off, log on. I've played that game in many sequences and patterns to no avail. Buy a goofy magic box burning bear, check, done it logged out, logged in, Notta! Search and restore the "Merchant Outbox" folder, restore it, log out, uninstall, reinstall, Fail! Try different viewers, I've tried them all. How about clean installs, well you just can't get any cleaner, I've deleted everything on my machine. So what's next? No I mean it, what's next? Not only can I NOT use the "Direct Delivery" system through the "Merchant Outbox", items sold on the "Market Place" are starting to disappear, unassociate, become unavailable, or unlisting themselves which has come to 80+ items poofed. I... am at my whit's end with goof ball, hoop jumping, bad ideas that to fix this stuff and it not working. I have never had issues with listing, selling, or delivering items from the "Market Place" until this "Merchant Outbox" thing was introduced. I understand that it is providing better service to some, in fact I'll be the first to say the delivery is way faster and nice when I don't always have to open boxes, sadly however, I am not one of the "Merchants" that can use this feature. Does anyone have any more hoops I can try? I really want to use this feature and it is becoming quite upsetting that I cannot. Thank you. Huraina Valiant
  13. Yes, you can do it with both. Paypal is often the prefered way to exchange money in and out of SL. And the credit card, aslong as it is a major credit card Pre-paid or not, it can be used.
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