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  1. LL already gets the money when you buy the lindens to purchase gacha stuff. LL gets their cut no matter where you're purchasing it from. You literally buy the money you're spending on these things from them.
  2. Sploders that you have to pay into in order to win are already against the rules. They've been against the rules since the gambling ban.
  3. Sploders that you have to pay into to win money are already against the rules. And, you're right, everything else that has a 'pay for a chance', like breedables, fishing with linden-bought bait, and anything that is similar to a gacha that you use lindens to purchase a chance. They all fall under this new rule, so they would technically not be allowed.
  4. I think as long as there's no lindens/money involved, it should be fine. The issue is using real money for a chance at an item, so your tickets with a zero-dollar value, should be fine.
  5. One could probably argue that there's a 'cash out' cycle with gacha items, too. It takes some mental gymnastics, but selling the items for lindens and then cashing out those lindens could fall into a grey area as far as gambling goes. If I can think of it, you know some bored and salivating regulator has. Breedable creators should be considering their options as well, since if they fall under the new 'gacha' policy, they're in violation as well.
  6. They get the money that people dump into lindens in order to continually hit that slot machine. Every single linden dollar that is bought goes to LL and don't tell me that people don't buy obscene amounts of lindens for those gacha games.
  7. People are blaming LL for this, but do you really think that they'd turn down free money? This has to be a decision that was made for them by some regulatory body. Gacha probably falls under the same umbrella as lootboxes in some countries. Someone probably finally noticed this and sent LL a strongly worded letter and a delightful fine to pay.
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