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  1. Sometimes theres no "decline "option But thats interesting ;what would happend if you mute yourself ? And what is more important -How to unmute yourself ! ??? Next question- I always thoight "Ignore" isnt equal to "Mute " ,so cliking "ignore ! we just ignore it ,while to mute i have mute owner ,right ?
  2. Once I unintentionally muted Earn2life owner-took me long while to recognize what's the reason i cant do offers (reicive lm's)
  3. iI wish to connec to the thread ;)I need some place for vendor and magic box , I'm going sell unique freebie items (shapes) also,besides regular priced items , so I may provide traffic increasing If anyone is interested in these ,please send message
  4. But you cant sent message to person who muted you! If you 'll try, you will see , you are muted...
  5. Yes ,this is very common behaviour,especially in your SL beginnings-people ussually try hard adjuste avatar appearance to RL looking. I remember how much time I spent ,searching eyes in that particular , blue-greyish colour , similar to mine eyes I'm no t sure how old my avie is looking coz i'm changing skins so often-depends what mood i am in, but my recently favourite skin seem to show me as 24-26 years old , I think SL FREE fashion blog
  6. I think it must be internet connection issue But how about clearing SL log files on your comp BEFORE reinstalling another viewer
  7. Go to advanced ,choose -character-test-female/male that should bring you look like you have choosen (at least that was in my case)
  8. I read the store was closed in creator's profile,couldnt find nothing about Uboro neither,too bad coz that was really good quality items there my Blog about free SL fashion
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