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  1. I finally got to experience playing with the EEP settings and so far I'm having a blast. My only complaint is that you can only change sky settings in 1,000 meter altitude intervals. Is there something preventing that being made customizable like the day cycle editor timeline? It feels really limiting after how finely tuned altitude-based windlight settings could be in pre-EEP Firestorm.
  2. Sadly no. It's a pretty ancient toy and I think that the creator is long-gone. Anyway, I'll need to remember to back up anything for which I don't have one, or the original package. Eventually finding an alternative for this thing from another creator is..not impossible, I guess, but I've never seen a thing like it. Thanks for the info.
  3. Has anyone else had scripts in items randomly getting themselves deactivated? It's happened very occasionally for a little while, and for the most part it it's just a minor annoyance because the script can just be turned back on, but recently the phenomenon ruined an old and irreplaceable HUD because of its no-mod condition (obviously it's dumb to not have a backup, but it worked flawlessly for years). Is this a known issue, is there a reason behind it, and is there a way to force the scripts in a no-mod item to turn back on?
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