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  1. Sadly no. It's a pretty ancient toy and I think that the creator is long-gone. Anyway, I'll need to remember to back up anything for which I don't have one, or the original package. Eventually finding an alternative for this thing from another creator is..not impossible, I guess, but I've never seen a thing like it. Thanks for the info.
  2. Has anyone else had scripts in items randomly getting themselves deactivated? It's happened very occasionally for a little while, and for the most part it it's just a minor annoyance because the script can just be turned back on, but recently the phenomenon ruined an old and irreplaceable HUD because of its no-mod condition (obviously it's dumb to not have a backup, but it worked flawlessly for years). Is this a known issue, is there a reason behind it, and is there a way to force the scripts in a no-mod item to turn back on?
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