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  1. My.secondlife.com? isn't there already a dead social site name myspace.com? Make that two,  this is like Avatar United. It makes no sense what so ever.

    Here's an idea, LL. Mak a simple yes or no poll on the log in screen, and see what everyone thinks about it. It's extremely frustrating that LL is wasting resource on fixing stuff that is not broken, and yet ignoring the ones are broken.

    I don't mind my sl profile to be view by all, SL is an extension of oneself. But what I/we don't want is to have facebook cookies in profile, nor we want to make every simple SL task into a chore.

  2. I hope that I'm wrong about this. It seems that the 2.0 developing team is a 9 to 5 job. As talented as they might be, they don't use SL on a regular basis like many of inworld creators do. Thus they have a little idea how to make SL viewer more efficient UI wise. Therefore SL 2.0 is such a "out of touch" viewer. It takes more clicks to do anything in 2.0

    UI is an universal language that based on human logics. Please don't reinvent the wheel and apply KIS.  Most importantly, listens to the feedbacks here. We're not spending our busy time here to complaint, we want SL to be successful for all of us. The only way to get there is to have a simple and easy to use viewer. Once it again, Keep It Simple!

    Lastly, why is facebook cookie on the SL web profile page? Is LL selling our info to facebook?

  3. The whole concept is just....why  use a web browser when you're in a virtual world? This is like Avatar United 2.0, completely useless, other than it would gives SL web site a false increase traffic stats. It doesn't even load  in the inwolrd browser for me. I'm turning off the auto update LOL.  Please bring back the inworld profile, and don't fix things that's not  broken. And do fix things are, such as Marketplace and inworld search  engine.

    This is getting from bad to worse. 2.0+ is pretty to look at,  but UI is very poor and commands in the menus are organized in a such  none logical manner. I've been using 2.0 every day since it was released  and I still find myself searching for certain functions. UI makes and  breaks metaverse, just look at what happened to Blue Mars. They insisted  on using their "unique" UI when majority of users disagreed with it. A  pretty viewer with confusing UI will not retain new users. LL, please  hire real UI pros and apply KISS method.

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