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  1. Having same problem. Authorised on main grid but not on beta. I have updated Aditi account but still no joy. I tried the link from the mesh upload dialogue window but the link appears to be broken. If I try to take the test again it shows as already complete and there is no way of retaking it.
  2. I have had that same problem recently. Twice I have logged in to my store and found 34 items unavailable. I think there is a glich with the magic boxes not fully updating sometimes. Either when you add something or if the sim restarts. I have cured the problem both times by resetting the box. It is a pain because it means that I have to constantly check my store now to see if it's happened again Zarni
  3. I sugguest you need to use the SL avatars for poser (downlaod from sl website). That has the correct number of joints that are possible to pose in SL. You will see that there is only one joint for the hand so finger poses have to be done with the sl upload setting (point, fist, open hand etc)or by using an SL "internal animation". Similarly there is only one posable joint for the whole head so you have to use the SL "internal animations" for facial expressions or the animation upload setting. As for the arm movements. I think that is due to the 4 default stands for avatars interferring (again see "internal animations" on sl scripting website). I hope that helps -Zarni
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