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  1. So many wonderful pictures since Ive last peeked in here. Beautiful!
  2. @Jesica , such a cute scene! Love your hat and you look so toasty warm! (edited to fix my reply to the correct poster -- meaning, I screwed up!)
  3. Haha! Oh wow that is so creative! Love the rustic look of the dress! those buckets look so heavy! (slips you 1k linden) Will this help? :smileyvery-happy:
  4. @Valerie -- You are quite welcome! I too have always loved the name Simone. I have always thought it to be quite elegant
  5. @Kylie -- Thank you so much for the kind words! As do you! Ive seen a lot of your pictures here and thought them to be very lovely. @Taylor -- Beautiful picture and totally looking forward to seeing more!
  6. Valerie! Absolutely breathtaking! You look so beautiful and the dress! Wow! I too have a another picture to share. Was going around with a friend of mine and we were looking at all the sims who participated in the fall decorations and I found these two little fellows and couldnt resist but to take them home with me!
  7. Hello Venus and thank you so much! :smileyhappy:
  8. Okay, Ive been lurkng in this post for all too long and I think its time for me to post in here. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Ive got to say this though, Ive really enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos!
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