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  1. Okay, I think I need to nip all this in the bud. 1. I deliberately didn't name the company, the sim or the other person involved because my original question wasn't in regards to them specifically, but to a notification I received unexpectedly and it took me by surprise. 2. I stated I had been to the sim in question by invitation of the owner, specifically to the parcel in which he has his own private home, and at no time was I told I had rez rights, been added to anything etc. 3. I stated he had been pushy in trying to get me to rent from him and what I neglected to add was that he had been intent on contacting the company I currently rent from to inform them they overcharge (in fact they are incredibly reasonable in their rates) which I was not happy with as I did not want to lose my current home OR to cause conflict with them. 4. Given I had never received a message like the one I received, I wasn't even aware a rental could be held in my name by someone else and I was concerned as to how that was even possible. My comment regarding not recommending the company was made because the fact such practices can obviously take place doesn't sit well with me personally. Especially if such deals are made based on friendships, relationships etc. I much prefer to keep dealings such as those on a professional level. Everyone's answers and input have all helped shed light on my question and I thank you all.
  2. Well, I know one rental company I will NOT be recommending people rent from. To me that is underhanded tactics and, having spoken with a friend inworld and the CasperLet FAQ, it worries me that a person such as him runs a rental company. One small disagreement and you'd wind up homeless. Have a good day folks and thank you so much for your insight and suggestions. Greatly appreciated.
  3. I am just honestly perplexed. Yes. I went to the specified sim at the invitation of the owner, several times over the last few days, but there was never a discussion about him reserving a parcel on my behalf. He WAS rather pushy in trying to get me to rent from him or even move in with him, however that has been nipped in the bud and made perfectly clear it won't be happening as I rent elsewhere from a company I have rented from for a number of years. So getting this message: [09:10] CasperLet: You have been evicted from your rental at (Insert parcel name and coords here) has left me feeling rather confused. I simply do not wish to cause any unnecessary conflict between the person and myself and the answers provided here have certainly given me a number of plausible reasons for it happening.
  4. Thank you for the response. I shall check with him. It simply made me feel rather uncomfortable and given he has roughly 40 accounts, not all of which are known by me, I was simply wishing to avoid an unnecessary conflict.
  5. I have just logged on and received a notice from a CasperLet rental box that I was evicted from a rental...except I never rented from the parcel it was supposedly located on OR from the company. Is it possible for someone to use your account name WITHOUT having given them access to your account? I know the sim in question and the person who owns it and he, supposedly, runs the rental company. I am simply perplexed by this as it's the first time anything like this has happened in nearly 10 years. I did read through the CasperLet FAQ and wiki but couldn't locate an answer to my question, so figured I would ask in here. Thank you in advance.
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