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  1. Greetings to all. In my experience, I've invited many many friends since Jan 2007. The main problem is with new users who have never played computer or video games, they become totally frustrated just trying to learn the controls. Also, unless they evolve their neurological circuits, they are sadly stuck as passive (non-interactive, non-creative) media consumers. People in Second Life and other virtual worlds are evolved. Timothy Leary in his book "The Game of Life"* describes the neurological steps of human evolution, right after the stage of someone totally wired in as a spectator (elect
  2. Your own private island! PROTECTED WATERFRONT 512sqm. LOT. LAND FOR SALE on Vaoetere LOW LAG SIM. OCEAN VIEW.
  3. 512 sqm. OCEAN FRONT LOT with UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW in Leebon (184, 239, 37) on sale for L$9,953. Rez your boat next to your own pier and sail away! Love this place/area, but I'm moving to a larger parcel. Visit inworld Teleport / SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leebon/184/241/38 IM me if you have any questions. Aloha.
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